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الخميس 27 نوفمبر 2008

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To Abdelhamid on "Al Qaida"

You've got to get your facts right, and the patronizing tone you take towards the USA is just naive. First, you mention that the world has never seen such a fast rise of a radical group such as Al-Qaeda, and continued in a very sad way about their moral bankruptcy, etc etc, Well I wonder.. how did they ever rise so quickly?

Let's not forget that Al-Qaeda was trained and funded by the united states. let's also not forget that the united states has deposed popular governments in the middle east, and installed unpopular governments that have committed crimes far worse than USA's Al-Qaeda experiment.

Now as far as Obama is concerned, the fact remains that as president carter said you can't become president without the approval of the Israeli lobby in the usa. This was evident in the speech Obama gave to AIPAC, where he said Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel, among other things which he may or may not have meant.

I think it's great that the USA has a black president, and it has done wonders for their image worldwide. But that in no way guarantees any kind of real change in the middle east; and to attribute all the problems of the world to bush is just as naive.

And don't you find it interesting that after long spells of silence, Al-qaeda decides to release a statement regarding this and that, as if to really give obama a boost when he takes over as commander in chief on war on terrorism? There is no killer question on Zawahiri's mind, as far as I'm concerned, he's just another tool.

And by the way, he didn't say anything racist, but in black slave history there are people termed as field negroes and house negroes - he merely referred to obama as a house negro, from a speech given by Malcolm X (who should never be associated with people such as Zawahiri)

And get your history right; Arabs did not invent the slave trade, nor did they ever reach the level of any European civilization. Remember we were just nomadic tribes in the peninsula, try the Roman Empire- which was literally a slave-based empire. Slave-based in the same way our society is petroleum based.

And I won't even get into the details of the difference between Arab traders, who bought from Muslim African tribes, who captured them from other African tribes, and comparing that to the USA and the European conquest of the entire planet.

So quit making a fool of yourself, spewing silly romantic statements such as "eternal struggle between the forces of hate" -- the world is not so clear cut, it's not black and white.

Stop Qaddafi

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