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Relaunching Libyan Doctors Society With New Website

Dear all Colleagues We would like to invite you to visit the Libyan doctor's society (LDS) website on
The LDS relaunched again after we received many enquires from Libyan doctors about the activities of LDS. AS all you know that LDS almost completely stopped it's activities since June 2006. We are looking forward to this relaunching of LDS and we are totally dependent on your support and participation in the activities of LDS

ý The Libyan Doctors Society (LDS) is a nongovernmental society that provides a link between Libyan clinicians, postgraduate medical students and allied professionals to promote the social, cultural and professional activities among members of the society.
ý LDS will be the source of information for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students who are preparing to enter high specialties exams.
ý LDS members are willing and would like to help and offer advice regarding management of some difficult cases when asked to do that.
ý LDS is promoting modernizing medical careers for both undergraduate and

There are two initiatives LDS has come out with this time for it is the relaunching First one, to create an annual competition for the best publication and achievement among Libyan doctors in Libya and abroad. This will be totally depending on LDS members and Libyan colleagues to nominate and send this to us. Five judges will be asked to select the winner. The winner will be announced at the LDS annual meeting.

The second one, is to create an index for all books published by Libyan doctors as part of Libyan medical history. LDS also welcome any idea that may help to promote Libyan Medical history.

I hope you will find LDS website enjoyable and useful to you and your students and please forward it to as many as possible. We also would like to invite colleagues to register with LDS and become a member. Your contribution is very important to us and to your fellow country colleagues and the profession in general.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

Dr N Barakat Co-founder of LDS

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