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  دعوة لحضور الملتقى الرابع لجمعية الأطباء الليبية

The 4th Libyan Doctors Society Meeting

13th September 2008 

 تتقدم جمعية الأطباء الليبية بدعوة الى جميع الأطباء الليبيين واعضاء الجمعية لحضور الملتقى الرابع للجمعية والذى سيعقد يوم السبت 22 نوفمبر 2008 بمدينة تشورلى ببريطانيا.   نأمل من كل الزملاء بتعبئة نموذج الحضور وارساله الى البريد الالكترونى للجمعية :

مع تحيات

فريق تنظيم الملتقى

 Dear All, 

Your are invited to attend the 4th LDS meeting on 22nd November 2008, Chorley- Preston -UK.  As we did not have a meeting last year due to various reasons which you were all updated about, and following the relaunch of LDS and the new look of the website, we felt we should continue our meetings. Many colleagues contacted the LDS website and asked about this. The LDS is run by a group of doctors who have volunteered to do the work and they are doing a fantastic job. The website is now up and running and looking great and thanks to the administrators for the hard work they have done. 

The meeting organisers are Dr Younis Bazza and Dr Ashraf Kamour. It will be held on 22nd November 2008 (Saturday). It will be held in Chorley.  The theme for this meeting will be “Emergency medicine”. We hope we can come out with  a framework about the forthcoming conference on medicine which will be held in Libya next year. We hope LDS will play a role in this conference. 

We hope all of you can attend and participate in LDS activities. Please complete the form and send it back to LDS coordinator Dr Ashraf Kamour

 (  You can access this also on the LDS website as well as access to the program. 

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you in Chorley 

Yours truly,

LDS organisers group

Registration form to attend the 4th LDS meeting, Chorley- Preston-UK


First Name




Academic post



Contact details




Phone number





Need accommodation





How you heard about this






Have attended previous meetings

1st (Manchester)

2nd (London)

3rd (Hull)


Any special arrangements





Any special diet






The 4th Libyan Doctors Society meeting

Emergency Medicine

Date:                             Saturday  22nd November 2008

Place:                           Chorley Hospital-Preston-UK

Organisers:                  Libyan Doctor Society members

  ( Dr Younis Bazza and Dr Ashraf Kamour )


08.30- 09.00                Registration and Coffee

09.00- 09.10                Welcome and introduction by Dr Younis Bazza

09.10-09.35                 Emergency medicine, where help can offered in Libya?

  Dr Younis Bazza

09.40- 10.05                Neurosurgical emergencies

  Dr Tarek Jallul

10.10-10.35                 Management of status epilepticus in Children

                                      Dr N Barakat

10.40-11.0                                      Coffee

11.00   11.25               Abdominal surgical emergencies


11.30- 11.55                Management of DKA, Adult experience

                                      Dr Abdulfatah Lakhdar

11.55-12.20                 Mangament of DKA, paediatric experience

                                      Dr Ahmed Shameck

12.25   13.15               Guest lecture (TBC)

13.20-14.0         Lunch 

14.00-15.00               Update on LDS website, membership, Medical emergency   conference in Libya, and activities

Dr Ashraf Kamour

15.30                          Close 

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