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Reform Of Islamic Renaissance II

In our view of Islamic history we overlap with Islamic principles, many of us treat our Islamic civilization history with the same status as we treat Holy Qur'an!

We tell the history as story a dead one, we tell it from the positive side only and use it as hang robe for our today failures. In contrast if we look into stories of the prophets (peace be upon them all) in the Qur'an, listed firmness, and fortitude on the right and hardships as well as documenting their minor mistakes starting from Adam to the seal of the prophets (peace be upon them all). However both recorded very clearly and that is the Qur'an method of teaching.

Some readers did not like my first letter and accused me of equalization between size of today injustice and injustice in early days of Islamic history, My answer to them very simple: today oppression born from yesterday oppression, I settled between the cruelty of the past and present cruelty, The issue is how we deal with our history, in our curriculum, and benefit from them today to break incremental cycle of unfairness, otherwise lesson will not be achieved.

Most of our history books hide much and exaggerate the reset, mean while Orientalises exaggerate our hiding and hid our exaggerations, Islamic history is not black and white as our curriculum suggest, The result of such presentation methodology are deadly repeat of our mistakes, produce same tragedies and the Islamic civilization Renaissance is long story of failure refined!

Gloating harm only the weak minds, those who understand the criticism would start to clean the present from past grime with no fear of cleanliness! Because they know dirt is the killers and would pollute the present.

Injustice of Khalifa’s and oppression of presidents or injustice of the past and present?

Is injustice of Khalifa justified because it was in the name of religion?! Or because of sacred relationship with the past?!

Leave behind the era of the prophet peace be upon him, plus the era of Khalifa Rashid, you'll find our history (past and present) is only the history of subordination rights! Tyranny is tyranny, whether issued by bearded or beardless men! Oppression and injustice is issued inside the mosque or inside the bar!

It problematic bilateral lost between the legs and escape from facing the facts. There are arguments, objective facts and evidences away from coloring events black or white.

حاتم العالم
Hatem Ela-Alim

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