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الأحد 16 نوفمبر 2008

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To Mr. Qadhafi

Dear Mr Qadhafi,

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my deepest respect to your intelligence and wisdom. You have managed to stay in power for almost 40 years. You did this against the tide and with great pose you sailed against oppositions and prevailed in all fights you had to take!

You personally admitted that you had many mistakes and your theory failed. It looks like you are trying to correct your goals and trying to prevail as you did all along.

At this time, I think your biggest mistake is betting on some of your "old guards" those guards where good for what you used them for in the past; but are currently doing a lousy job in the duties you entrusted them with.

Let's take Mustafa Al Zaidi as a first example. He did great job in the basement of the Libyan embassy in Germany in the mid 1980s. Killing and torturing Libyan opposition at that time helped your regime to prevail and show those who want to come against you what they would have to face!

No 2 people can dispute that Zaidi is very loyal to you. But loyalty will not make him good in everything he does. His involvement in the health sector is the main reason Libya probably sits last in the worst health system in the world. I know you are very smart and will not insult you by explaining further why I think health sector in Libya is in poor shape. I am 100% sure you agree with me. Probably Zaidi misinformed you and convinced you that he is a loyal dog and being a doctor he will run the health sector in a way you like. A loyal dog he is, but he has no idea how to run health sector or even health clinic that includes only one employee!

Second example(s) is Abdulgader bagdadi. Again a loyal person who did a great job for you in 7th of April student clash! He really showed the poor students who is the boss. But between him, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Salah Ibrahim; the education in Libya is the worst!

Needless to say the job market was made by the last example I am going to give you (Matwg Matwg) left something to be desired.

I understand you need to stand behind your boys, and reword them for the "good" things they did for you. So why just not give them several million dollars and send them on their ways and bring new blood to all these gasping yet very vital sectors of you government? You have to admit, the ground is shaking under you and you feel it! Try to do something smart as you usually do, and kick out these idiots and others like them, and bring people who know what they are doing.

May be only maybe people will forgive some of your failures, and remember something good you did.


In love with Libya


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