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العبيط الليبي ... والمحامية

It has been a long time since I visited this site... Life in America can bee very hectic at times, if you let it, especially during this unusually busy season of campaigning and the primeries. You see, we are working hard... and hoping to elect a woman president .

Well, I made my self sitdown and feast my eyes, and enrich my mind with the vast literary works of some of my fellow Arabs, Muslims, and Libyans . very enriching indded... to say the least....hint..hint.

For me, and, I would venture to say, perhaps, it's the same for many other visitors as well, that this site has become an amusement, or, a midium for intertainment rathar than a web site for intellectual dialogue, or a platform from which new ideas,a reciprocal conversation and a civil discourse can be advanced, so that our fellow immergents world wide can tap in to and benefit from, unfortunately, it's not the case. On the contrary, it has become some sort of a boxing ring free for all, who can land the harchest blow, who can concoct and inflate the truth without any regard or respect for human dicency, or self respect. But, this is the price we pay for the right to free expression, at the expence of others...

Not so very long ago, I had an un pleasent exchange with one using the hidden, assumed name of "Septemius" , then " Tahta Al Mijhar " and now I read the very same visceral literary style of words and adjectives by someone calling himself " Libyan Arab" I think, and it's only my openion, he, should change his name to " Libyan Abeet". So, here we are again find ourselves subjected to the same regurgitation, under a different , but nevertheless, " assumed " name. A very cowardly way of self axpression, lacking courage, that is very caractarisitc of certain segment of our people " unfortunately".

I am not so much concerned about what the lady attorney Asiya Ibraheem had written, in defence of the many Libyan women in England and elsewhere, because in a sociaty rooted in civility and free expression " without the fear of retaliation" either personal or verbal, she has that right. And, it is very important for me as a father of two professional women, and as a strong advocate of women's rights, to voice my full support .

I am on the otherhand, very much concerned about the " abeet" who thinks that the world should , and must stop advancing,.. progress must be holted,... and our muslim women, must retreat back to the dark ages of submission to the all knowing,.. all mighty Arab man. There are contless testaments to what the Quran is telling us regarding the muslim woman and her rights, but, it is a differnt story when faced with the true and solid documentations of the shabby and unkind treatment of the Arab/ Muslim women in Europe and in the Muslim world. And regardless of how many chapters and verses, and the mention of all those lerned centuries old teaches and muslim scholars and their related stories of.. he said ..that he learned... that someone said, time after time, until the true mianing , and the core of the message has been very sadly currupted, and abused, and, depending on what part of the Arab/ Muslim world you happen to be living in, without a doubt you will be subjected to countless interpretations of the very same teaching, by several blessed, old teachers.The fact remains, that the Muslim man can and will circumvent, and iterpret the "Shareea" to benefit his fellow " Man" , this is why a civil law is needed, to ajudicate without any special conciderations to ones religiouse faith.

So, from my prospective, I don't wish to subscribe to that line of thinking, as to Islam and the teaching regarding equality for the muslim wome, I find it very hypocritical to even make mention of this, because our Muslim man, once he is out of the house, he can enjoy with other women, and have all the fun that can be had...he can marry one, may be two, even under age girls, after all... he is the Man, as to the field of education, I am finding that our Libyan Women if given the same level and concideration, she, by far , has a much better chance of success and achievement than her fellow man, but, at the end of the line, the man, will be left with a heavy burden of resentment that a woman has proven to out smart the man... no... no .. this can not , and must not be tolorated, or, even allowed to rear it's ugly head... how can a segment of our Libyan men live with the shame that our women are actually advancing in many field of higher learning. medicen, Law, pharmacology, engineering, Education, and the list gose on.

And, while we are on the subject of the "Man" the "Arab Libyan" Man, it is very evident that he has a very big issue with education, all forms of education, one might suspect, unless it relates to Islamic teachings and " indoctrination", and it is also clear that our " Mulim Brother" has a much bigger problem with those Muslim women who happen to reach a commendable level of higher learning, and dare to call themselves DR. or Esquire, " Lawyer".

Our Libyan fellow, is expecting the rest of the world to stop so that a Muslim Taxi driver can stop at the presise moment in time to pray in the middle of the road, nevemind the rest of the world's rights, and needs, our Libyan Arab wants all Muslim women in Albania, Turky, Iraq, USA, Algeria, Tunis, Pakistan and the other advancet Muslim nations to go back to the days of hiding, moreover, the imposition of our will on others on the streets, in the work place, and shopping centers to give way to our praying time, we, the immegrents, the refugees, who came begging for safe harber, are now demanding that our host country submit to our wants , because we are Muslims, and we should be given some special prevelaged status, over and above their citizenry. I always thought that Islam is very privet, very personal, we don't need to parade it or flaunt it in the streets, just so that others can stop and look at us...

In my view, many occomodations have been extended to those of us of the Muslim faith, and I for one, very thankful . on the otherhand, I don't think that any European Nation, or Government will submit to this kind of nonsences, but, I think that those who want to insist on fulfilling their religiouse obligations, they shoud go back to their respective homelands, and enjoy all the freedoms that their governments can give... if any !

Abdulhamid Mustafa Ben Hameda

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