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Muammar Mistreated Condoleezza

Libya's aging Despot, Muammar Qaddafi, rudely and callously refused to shake hands with Condoleezza, whose very name means 'with sweetness' in the Italian language, during her official visit to him in Tripoli.

The handshake was the main purpose of the whole 'unholy' visit and was supposed to symbolize the US-Government final act of forgiveness concerning all past wrongdoings by Qaddafi and his Regime.

So, why did this tyrant choose to shoot himself in the foot instead?

There are very good reasons for that diplomatic suicide. This is how it all started!

In the beginning, Qaddafi tried to get Condoleezza to visit him on the first of September by mounting unprovoked attacks, during his visit to Tunisia, on the hard-line policies of the Iranian Government regarding its nuclear program.

However, it was clear that the flamboyant Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was going to be the center of attention on the first of September. And Condoleezza must have included that her historical visit to Libya would be reduced to a mere footnote on that day. And hence the visit was postponed till September the fifth.

Qaddafi didn't get the hint and retaliated for the postponement by calling in his speech the immensely popular Ronald Reagan very impolitely 'mad & crazy & lunatic'!

To punish him for insulting the former President, Condoleezza upon her arrival in the Libyan Capital refused to meet Qaddafi in his favorite Office, his Bedouin Tent.

As a result, the old Dictator lost his balance and good judgment and foolishly committed the fore-mentioned diplomatic suicide.

But that wasn't the end of it.

In Algeria, Condoleezza fired the final shot at the already diplomatically dead Qaddafi by shaking hands friendly and warmly with the current Algerian President and the former top diplomat, Abdul Aziz Bou Tafliqa, and by calling him the wisest statesman in the region.

All in all, the historical visit of Condoleezza, whose name means 'with sweetness' in the jargon of the Italian musicians, brought nothing but the taste of bitterness to the fasting mouth of Colonel Qaddafi.

Muaredh Mutafael

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