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Going back to Libya

I would be grateful if you add this letter to the messages board

I am a medical specialist who has worked in the UK for a good number of years, and after a long period of hesitation I decided to go back to Libya especially after the encouragement from different people in Libya and abroad.

I attended the 1st conference of the Libyan doctors in Tripoli in 2005, but decided not to attend the second conference as I noticed the similarity with the first one especially concerning the Libyan government plans to encourage the Libyan specialists abroad to go back home.

Obviously, I did not need any encouragement, but felt comfortable with the promises of the government to ease any difficulties the returnees may face, and also to facilitate and speed up the process of joining universities and hospitals in Libya, I was even given the email address and phone numbers os some people who might be of some help to people like myself. Amongst the name were that of MR ALI ELRESHY and Fathalla BENGREED.

I packed and traveled to Libya with my family just to spend weeks and weeks struggling with all types of problems. IT WAS NOT EASY. I tried to phone Mr Ali Elreshy on a number of occasions and emailed him more than once ( the same applied to Mr Bengreed) to no avail ( I am not sure if they read their emails)

The heads of medical depts there told me that there was no place for my wife who is also a specialist ( Because they have enough staff and apparently in no need for more).

I had to struggle even to get a phone line for my house and I felt isolated and had on a few occasions to go to internet cafes and sit beside young men in rooms full of smoke and noice just to check my emails or do some search because I did not want to use the computers available in some other places such as the university ( as I have no right to use them)

In just a few weeks I nearly lost my mind and in more than one occasion I thought of going back to the UK as my job was still available ( I work as a consultant physician in the UK)

To summarise my experience, I faced all sorts of obstacles in just a few weeks since I left the UK, and to my NO surprise there was no responsible person to support me on my return. I felt that all the promises I heard from the government officials were meaningless because the was no one to speake to. My wife is still unemployed and I am half employed

I am writing just to share my interesting experience with everyone

I will stay in Libya beside my family and friends, and I will eventualy get a full time JOB

SO; (Libyan doctors working abroad to be encouraged to return to Libya and will be provided with all the support and help) your dreams

I will keep my name to myself this time, but if you have any questions, I am in Libya trying to work and help our people.


Libyan specialist abroad / in Libya

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