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Open Letter To: Mr Michael Porter, Harvard Business Professor

24th February 2007

Open letter to: Mr Michael Porter, Harvard Business Professor

I would like to introduce myself to you as a normal and ordinary citizen of Libya. I feel I have been offended and robbed by your association and partnership with the dictator Gathaffi and his family.

I and millions of my countrymen strongly believe that Gathaffi, his sons, tribe and cronies and henchmen are criminal and illegitimate people as well as thieves of the Libyan people.

Your "Spin" or interview with the BusinessWeek is the reason for writing to you this simple message. Also, it is your justification for assisting a known criminal and fraudster and I quote " [Despite the fact we are talking] about a ruler and his son, in a sense, decision-making is widely distributed in this country. People [consider Libya] a dictatorship, but it really doesn't work that way. That is another reason for optimism."

· On the night on 31st August 1969, Gathaffi and a number military officers overthrown the "Legitimate" government of Libya and appointed himself absolute ruler of Libya by force. This act by Gathaffi and his accomplices is a "TREASON" and violated the Libyan constitution and laws. No doubt in our minds of Gathaffi's criminality.

· To tighten his grip on the unarmed Libyan people, Gathaffi and his criminal gangsters started a terror campaign against the Libyans. Many Libyans were jailed and tortured and murdered or as Gathaffi would like to say "Liquidated". Students were tortured and hanged in their universities and in the public squares all over Libya. Libyan dissidents were hunted and murdered in London, Rome, Athens, Cairo, USA, Europe and all over the world.

· Well known Libyan dissidents such as Mr Mansour Al Kykhia, Mr Matar and Mr Izzat El Magaref have been kidnapped from neibouring Egypt and taken to Libya.

· Gathaffi was responsible for the downing of Pan AM plane, the French UTA plane and the Libyan Arab airplane which was shutdown over Tripoli. Many innocent people died needlessly by criminal Gathafi.

· Gathaffi confessed on the National Libyan TV to the massacre of Abu Saleem prison in Tripoli where 1200 prisoners were machine gunned on the orders of Gathaffi himself. The massacre was carried out by Abdalla Senussi, Gathafi's brother-in-law and the chief of Gathaffi's Security Apparatus.

These are few facts about the terror conducted by this criminal dictator against the Libyan people and humanity at large as many people from all nationalities. The decision for these crimes and everything else in Libya is Gathaffi's only. Dictators by nature are selfish and rule absolutely.

For the last 38 years of Gathaffi's terror rule, the Libyan people have been deprived from their freedom and the basic human rights. They have been deprived from proper education, medical care and housing. He reduced the Libyan people to slaves and subjected them to his sick psychopathic moods. He forced his laughable green book theories on them. He formed criminal follower called them the Revolutionary Committees who are basically bunch criminals, henchmen and hit squads.

The Libyan have been struggling against Gathaffi and his criminal regime for a long time now and they will not rest until they regain their country back and establish a free democratic state ruled by patriotic Libyans elected through the ballot box under the rule of law and the Libyan constitution and will never allow criminals to rule them again.

We will pursue countries and individuals who assist this criminal dictator and his family or regime in the international courts to recover any monies and funds gained from their services to Gathafi. We will treat this as an extension to criminal activities and illegitimate gains.

Finally, I wish to remind you that economic theories and modules will not work under dictatorships. Good economy requires proper laws and regulations for it to work and this is missing in Libya's Gathaffi. He has been ruling Libya through "Organised Chaos" and "Crisis Management". Gathaffi will not survive in a "Real" free state or proper market economy that would empower the individuals.

I and many Libyans are very disappointed to see someone like Professor Michael Porter to work for a Mafia Family or worse and insult our intelligence by justifying his employment with criminal Gathafi for the sake of few millions dollars without any consideration for any ethics or respect of the victims of Gathaffi.

Yours sincerely

Ahmed M Gabaili

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