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Ghaddafi Was Not Dancing

Late last year I had the displeasure of responding to the fellow Tahta al Mijhar , back then I challenged him to produce data, and documentations when he was spewing some venomous statements about another fellow Libyan whom he seems to have some ideological disagreements with.

Back then, I was told that this fellow, has used so many assumed names that he doesn't even remember, but, I shall concentrate on his latest blunder. the case of why Al Yahood refused America's request to participate in the attack on Libya. Written on April 21 2007.

Our friend , seems to be looking through a very tainted Mijhar, otherwise, he would not have allowed himself to commit such grave and foolish mistakes .

When one commits writing, about historical events, one must take the painstaking time to research the subject and consult with the historical facts, not just plunge in head first .
1- Ben Gurion was not the prime minister of the time, as you stated . Ben Gurion may have written his biography, but he could not have written about the 1986 attack... because he was dead in 1973. " unless he had the powers of communicating with Regan from Six feet under...!! So, let me see if I could help Mr. Tahta Al Mijhar with some insightful observations.

Menachem Bigan was the Prime Minister in 1983, and he could not have ordered the Mossad to participate because Israel at that time was very deeply involved in the Lebanon war, and begin was at his worst fight for his political life, most importantly, the passing of his wife made it more difficult for him to function ,so, hi resigned.

Yetzak Shamir was the Prime Minister at that time and he was building his political base, and, as a former terrorist himself, he knew how to get the USA to do his dirty work for him ( Please...Please take the time to read...) read " The other side of Deception" by Victor Ostrovsky, it will give you the whole picture, and how Israel was deeply involved in getting the Americans to hit Libya .

As alway America needed a reason to clip Ghaddafi's wings in order to teach him a very costly lesson.. and also to enforce the new world order in the rejoin, and the Israelis gave them the reason in a golden dish. France and Spain on the other hand, did not go along with the whole shenanigans.

Next time good " Brother" don't fabricate your own take on history... just because you have a bone to pick with Ghaddafi, read and you shall learn.

Abdulhamid Mustafa
Former News Correspondent for the Libyan Radio,
and Correspondent for the former Libyan News Agency.
Also Former News Reporter for Al Masaa Newspaper In Tripoli.

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