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To: Bou-Jenah

First of all Salam to my Brother and Sisters

Bojenah Ya Majnon? I have never seen such a brainless man who is not aware of what he’s talking about! For God sake you idiot, are you serious about what you saying? It seems that you are so illiterate and the biggest ignorant man in Libya!! I would also say that from the way that you are trying to change the facts and meanings of what the prophet had said in the past, you are not even educated enough to do so?? Do you need an example Mr STUPIDWINGER! There you go; in the last Hadeeth you said that the Sahabah may Allah be pleased with them, used to sell the mothers of their kids, or maybe you meant their wives? Oh my God! Maybe you were speaking about yourself , you foolish? simply because not even an animal would do that?? I can’t blame your slow little brain for that, simply because it is hard for you to figure out the real picture behind any Hadeeth, or even this letter!! Anyway Mr thick please try hardly to open up your mind for just two minutes if you can to get the right meaning of the last Hadeeth that you tried to change: The Sahabah may Allah be pleased with them, used to win battles against the disbelievers (you could be one of them) they are not only talking like you!anyway after the battle there will be some women with their children from the Koffar's side left behind, so the children are from the disbeliever or Koffei fathers (once again maybe like you). So the Sahabah Mr thick were not selling their own children as your dim brain has expected? so can do you understand now??

After all of that you are accused of:

1- Ignorance and stupidity we have never ever seen in our entire life?
2- Backbiting the Sahabah whose horses are cleverer comparing to you?
3- Lying and changing the facts of history on regular bases?
4- Affecting the religious manners of the Libyan people?
5- Working effectively to damage the real face of Islam?
6- Using a dirty methodology to damage the great reputation of our great prophet peace be up on him?
7- Hurting our feelings by attacking our faith with no right what so ever?
8- Fighting against Allah and his prophet peace be up on him, for no reason?
9- Disrespecting the only perfect faith, Islam? Subhan Allah even the nations respect Islam but not you?
10- Giving yourself to speak about something you are not qualified to speak about?
11- Making propaganda to encourage people to refuse and hate Islam as the Jews are doing?
12- Not being honest and brave enough to put your name down you little rat?
13- Causing embarrassment and hard feeling?

Finally Mr STUPID winger, I can mention so many other accusations based on what you normaly say, but remember I’m not here to judge you, Allah will do and if you do not make repentance to Allah, I wish to face you in the Day of Judgement to be as a witness against you using every single word you wrongly used against Islam.

May Allah protect Islam and the Eiman in our hearts, because the enemies now are from amongst us?

Note for Al-Sature:
Ya Sature it is Rashad, would you please E-mail me and leave your contact because I’ve lost it cause I've changed my E-mail?

Salam to all my brothers and sisters.


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