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To all Libyan senior doctors abroad

To my knowledge at the moment there are 10 Medical Schools in Libya with very large numbers of students in each year of these Schools. I think most of us do not agree with the decision to create all these schools especially when we know that even the old Medical Schools; Tripoli and Benghazi were lacking the very basic needs in terms of appropriate lecture theatres, qualified staff, Teaching Hospitals and so on. What made things worse were the large numbers of students being admitted every year, reaching 5000 Medical Students in one of the most recent years.

These huge numbers will make it impossible, even in the most advanced countries to deliver any reasonable level of teaching and training and unfortunately a lot of these students will be forced to leave medical schools after they waste many years of their lives or qualify as doctors but will be unable to practice safe and satisfactory level of Medicine.

I hope the people responsible for above decisions will realise the results of the current problems and do some thing to rectify the underlying problem. Until this is done I’m suggesting some thing which, I think will help towards helping these unfortunate students.

Senior Libyan doctors abroad to contribute towards giving revision course; lectures and bedside teaching before the final year examinations.

This needs to completely free, using our own leave and paying our own travelling expenses. I suggest that with plenty of notice we can organise few days’ annual leave and while we are on our normal family visit to Libya, we can give 1 or 2 days towards this programme. This is a small price to pay towards helping our students back home. I’m sure some of you may ask why should we do this when it is some body else is mistake?

We all have our views on so many different things but I thought this can be a helping hand to our students and to our country as a whole.

Interested Consultants, Associate Specialists, Staff Grades and other senior grades can get back to me by email and if there is a reasonable interest then I will contact one of the main Medical Schools; Tripoli or Benghazi and discuss this initiative with them. My intention is to involve only one of the Medical Schools and no other organisation. If the programme proved to be successful, then I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t include other Medical Schools in the future.

If any colleague have different views on how we can deliver a similar programme, please get back to me.

Yours sincerely

Dr Matouk Zbaeda
Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Director
Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

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