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Open Letter To Leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi

Writing was never a problem for me, in fact, writing about leaders and national events, seem to be as easy as hand shake.
This time however, it was a bit of a struggle...not the actual writing, or the composition of the article, but rather, how to address the leader of my nation .
It is perhaps very easy for some to use a fancy title such as "his Excellency" or Mr. President, but, from reading the many letters and articles, I came to the conclusion, that he doesn't go for such "phony" insincere titles, then, I thought of calling him dear Brother, like many others do.. for one, I question the sincerity of many who use the "Brother" , only to follow the crowds, and second, I wish to reserve the Brother, for my real and only Brother, and, I even thought of using his military rank, but, that reminded me of Noriega, and I know, that our country, and our revolution, and our Republic is vastly different from that of the Banana Republic. So, I elected to use the most honest and well deserved title that no one can dispute, or deny the merits of the title " Leader".

Truth to be told, I left Tripoli long before the revolution, but, when the news hit the air waves,and I heard Rodger Mudd of CBS read the news.. I too celebrated,... I too called the Libyan Embassy to express my joy and jubilation.
No one can deny the historical facts, no one can fabricate the detailed planning and preparations, and the struggle, and ultimately the giant leap to serve notice to the world that a new Republic has been born by the young sons of this old land.

I was very moved by the most recent letters from those well wishers , and, I was curious to read the letters of the ill wishers as well. And, it is a known facts, that we will always find in any form of Governance, those who will tend to oppose, or disagree.
The one that captured my attention and propelled me to get on with it, and write this letter, was the one by Mr. Esam Alhoul. For me, it was not just an ordinary letter of praise of one's national leader, to me, it was a true and sincere introduction of the leader of my country, or a refresher for those who seem to have forgotten, and, to those who want to know, and never bothered to read about the leader of my country, and, for honesty's sake, I am ashamed to admit, that I am one among many.

. Mr. Esam, highlighted few of the many projects and accomplishments of the revolution to date, but, what captured my interest in particular, was point # 2 of the Five points declaration of April 15, 1973.
dealing with the economics of the people, and the wealth of the land. Because of what he has written, and because of this particular issue, I am writing to those who really care, about the struggle of this man, our leader, and the trusted guardians of the less fortunate amongst our people, to hear my cry for help.

My Great Grandfather, Hatem Abubaker Ben Hameda, of Tarhuna, with his hard work, and dedication to his family, was able to gather some money to purchase a small plot in a small remote part of the city of Tripoli called "Addahra," my Grandfather Abubaker Ben Hameda built a home for his bride, my Grandmother, and her two children, my Father Mustafa Abubaker Ben Hameda, and his sister, my Aunt.

Hard life, and the misery of the wars on our land, drove many people to run to the countryside for safety. then back again to the big city, and like many others, my father moved to the city, to secure work and food for his young family. And that small plot, in that old town, is still there, the old house became older, but, it is still ours, my forefathers, had left us something we so very dearly treasure, for we have the old deed to that land still , and so, we, the children of those early settlers, came together and decided to benefit from the sweat and the hard labor of our fathers, but, my dear good friends, when we went to the authorities to claim our land, we were told that the" committee" has granted our land to other persons, possibly to build a Hotel, or an Office building, for their personal wealth, at my family's expense, but, what about us... what about our right to what was.. and still is ours???. So my friends, in short, I fear that the philosophy, and the spirit of the revolution is being misused, and abused by some, for the enrichment of the well connected...thus fueling a feeling of distrust , and anger within me, don't you see my point now..!!

I truly believe in.., and support the immanent domain rule, and the proper and equitable compensation, as long as the land can, and should be used for the benefit of " ALL" the people of Tripoli, by building new Roads, or new Hospital ,or new School . No, our small plot, has become a prime real estate and we as the original owners, have no recourse, in other words...have no right to what is ours.

So my good friend, Mr. Esam Alaul, because I believe in the sincerity of what you have written, and honer your dedication, I deeply commend you devotion to our country, I now ask you. Do you think that the leader of my country is fully aware of what is happening ! or, do you think that some people in our government have mis-interpreted the real letter, and true intent of the April declaration, and so, began robbing the land to benefit themselves and their friends..? can you, or anyone help me,!! is there anyone that can deliver my cry to the leader of my land,!! to give us back what is, and will always be our land...I know that there are other good and decent people in my country... I know that wrong must not be rewarded...and I know that the rule of law must prevail in my country... You have no idea, or what you have done, by your writing, you, in fact have fueled the hopes in me, that ..yes there are good and honest people in my country... and yes, they will not allow any dishonest people to go on robbing the less connected and the less fortunate, in the name of our revolution. And so I ask...where do I go ... and whom should I ask for justice.???

Abdulhamid Mustafa Ben Hameda
Former correspondent
Libyan National Radio/ Libyan New agency

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