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في الذاكرة من ضيف الغزال

مختصر من قصة ضيف الغزال تقدم بالغة الإنجليزية على المسرح في مانشستر
تأليف و كتابة : عزالدين الشريف
لقد قمت بكتابة هذه القصة القصيرة عن واقع حرية الصحافة والإعلام في ليبيا لمحاولة إيصال صوت الشعب الليبي وفضح حقيقة نظام الطاغية القذافي وفكره الفاشل وزبانته الزنادقة وذلك عن طريق الكتابة للمسرح
تعرض يوم الثلاثاء 20/11/2007م
كما هو في الإعلان التالي :

عزالدين الشريف
مانشستر - 08/11/2008

new drama by writers from refugee backgrounds

Tuesday 20 November 7.30pm
tickets: £3
at Contact Theatre Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6JA
tel: 0161 274 0600

Presenting 5 short plays as script-in-hand performances by professional actors and directors. These are personal takes on a range of experiences and from perspectives which are not commonly told. The writers’ skills and development have been guided by leading playwright Sonia Hughes over a considerable period. This will be a chance to experience fresh material almost straight from the minds of the writers themselves.
The Forgotten Peace by Aida Mansouri
Ashley has been searching for peace since he was young. How far does he have to go to find it? A beautiful, imaginative play by a promising young Iranian writer.

Epitaphic Floods by Meshak Mosu
A startling evocation of Zimbabwe’s political turmoil. Poetic, witty, pulse-drenching and boldly theatrical.

The Devil Love by Robert Kabemba
Theka and Mawata are falling in love fast, but Theka has a secret that she needs to tell Mawata. But will her revelation make Theka lose his love and Mawata lose his life?

Sink Or Swim by Nimao Osman
‘A family like ours is like a house without lights’. Based on a true story of a young man, Faysal who brings up his two sisters Suleekha and Saynab. A Somali play of betrayal and tragedy.

The Death Of Fear (in memory of Daif Al-Ghazal) by Azeldin El-Sharif
Two friends meet and talk about old times and the excesses of the Libyan regime. All is well until the young journalist shows Salah his latest article.
Project developed and coordinated by Kooj Chuhan with Yasmin Yaqub from CAN and Chris Bridgman from North-West Playwrights. For more information about this project, contact CAN on 0161 234 2975. Presented with support from Contact Theatre.

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