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Few Words on M. Alberrki*

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, this one is worth and means much more!..

You, dear reader, either knew the man or, like me, came to know him through his writings on this very page or, may have the honor to have them both; in either case one can’t help but stare, and for a while, at the above picture…. I ask: would you please take a moment, as I did, and reflect on that very instant when the photo was taken; do venture with liberty in you imagination on what possibly was going on in his mind in that moment.

With his dedication to the last breathe and with devotion to the last minute for a cause that he committed his life to, and, with strong love for his Libya and for its people that ran in his veins, Haj Mustafa was the first to come to demonstrate and the last to leave. Haj Mustafa spoke from the heart and told it as it’s. He spoke of facts detailing the wrong doings and the gross abuse of power of the rotten regime.

I, myself, saw true Libyan in Haj Mustafa, looks, attire and all. I saw the teacher in him, the shop keeper, the taxi driver, the municipality worker and the gate keeper. I saw the um-asaba’ player in the shadows of late afternoons, I saw the father and the uncle in him, and with them all in his mind, he sure spoke of their agony and of their suffering, pinpointed the source of their misery where he often and clearly told of the fixes –the fixes he saw, unlike the dreaming reformists, must include the uprooting of Qadaffi and all of his cronies. He believed including the regime for a good change in Libya is like a mirage, the closer you approach the farther it gets.

The above picture, my friends, tells a lot and speaks loud; I, 1000s of miles away, can clearly hear some of it.

“Aaah ya dunnya!..”time left-over’s indeed”…with its entire people and with all of its resource, my home is mutilated and continues so by an ignorant man and his hoodlums”…..” The body is getting weak and tired by the day but the mind and soul are insisting there will be a hope and an end to that”….but, what if I die before I see the day…and my body gets hugged by a non-Libyan soil” …there is no doubt these thoughts and their frequency in his mind took a tool on Haj Mustafa.

May Allah bless the man!!!

The red hat, his company and his trade mark, tells us how proud he was of his tradition and of his Libya…O’ what will I do to possess and be a keeper of that sentimental hat…if still around?!


(*) The header of this note –picture and the write-up- is the work of the photographer Omar Al-Hooni. While I immensely appreciate his photo journalism, I hope Omar finds it of an understanding in attaching this picture without his prior permission.

- I dedicate these simple words to his family and to his dear friend عبدالنبى أبوسـيف ياسـين

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