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Tahta al-Mejhar, Libya and Israel

I don't know why, but I often times, more than none, find myself somewhat saddened at the same time amused by many of the letters, or, what some refer to them as "Articles" as in the case of our not so very informed Dr. Tahta Al Mijhar.

Countless times, in past letters he wrote, either lending his openion on one subjct matter ,or another, or, down right very rodely belittle others for taking differnt, much more resonable, and a much higher road than his.

Several times in the past ,I, as well as others who found his "Letters" very closely resemble a collection of " Rubbish" and had responded to some of his blunders, had the, not so good fortune, to be hit with such barrage of choice words and venomous attacks.

I did read your "Letter" and I did observe your referance to "Ben Guryun", and on April 25th I responded with my correction to your letter under the heading of " Ghaddafi did not Dance" , in that I shared with you and the readers in details as to why you were wrong in making that assertion. I even directed your attention to a book that was written by one member of the well conncted Israeli Intellegence.

Documents, and eye wittness accounts, and writings of that historical event, point to a clear and direct involvement of the Israelis in the two campaigns, in fact the Israeli intellegence was deep in Al Aziziyya, planning and refining it's work , and I urge you to read what others have written on the subget.

As to your blunder, we all read, and compare data and reports that may have been written on one subject or an other, at least, that 's what we do, in the jounalistic world as I know it. We verify the sourses, then we write, and when we do ,we put our name in plain for all to see ,not so much to tell the world ,see me, I wrote this, but rather, to attest, and assume the full responsibility for what we write and deliver to the readers, and, when we use any other sources to support our writings, we make sure to mention that source, to give credit, not just take the liberty to " lift it" and pretend that was our research and hard work!!

You see Dr....Your just added yet, another blunder to your "REPERTOIRE", you have taken the work of others and used it , and that was a much bigger sin than making the first mistake.

Abdulhamid Mustafa "Hamid"
Former Correspondent 1959-1964
Tripoli Radio and Libyan Radio Tripoli
Former Correspondent Libyan News Agency
Former Reporter Al Masaa Newspaper.

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