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Rreply To "Al-Melyaan" In the Short Letters Section

"I was disturbed by the short letter signed by "AlMelyaan" about how wonderful the so called "Libyan Jews" and Italians, were, when they lived in Libya, and how we suffered a big loss by them leaving Libya.

I was born in Tripoli, and lived my childhood and part of my adulthood in Libya, I studied in Italian schools, and experienced the tretament of discrimination in my own country, when the Italians and Jews were there.

I am not saying that throwing them out of Libya in that manner was a civilized way of doing it, especially for the jews. But as we all know, we Arabs, in general, and libyans, act on emotions, and as much as we were justified to treat them the way we did, because of the atrocities that the Zionist regime was and is still inflicting on innocent and defenseless Palestinians (regardless of the corrupted Palestinian leaders then and now), I do not think that they will be welcome back again, to become citizens, or to own property like they did before.

We, libyans have changed a lot, thanks to the present regime, as much as it has damaged many things in Libya, it has done one good things for us, it has helped us grow up and realize that to build Libya, nobody else can do it for us, except us. We have become stronger, look at how adaptogenic we are.

Every time, Ghaddafi tries to break the spirit in us, we somehow become stronger, even in our darkest moments, we have overcome him and his regime, and this is why he is sick now and I heard that he suffers also from a chronic and deep depression, amazing, he is depressed because he could not change us into puppets, except few.

Anyway, I do understand that some Libyans feel that the older days, when the Italians and jews were in Libya seem now better days than now, that is because things are really bad now, but do not forget what the Italians did to Libyans, start with the invasion and occupation of Libya.

My parents and grandparents told me stories about how Libyans were treated worse than animals, during the Italian occupation. All you need to do is Google the Italian occupation of Libya, and pictures will speak louder than words, to show the arrogance and the atrocities inflicted on our ancestors by the Italians.

A simple example was that any Libyan would be shot on the spot, if he/she dared to walk into the streets designated for Italians only, a libyan could not walk in his own country. They took the farms and made Libyans work as slaves for them in their own land, they hanged Libyans every day, they raped women, and so on.
Even during the Kingdom era, there was a rule in the country that Italians could not be touched.

What is it with us, Libyans? why do we have this affinity for foreigners, and have this need to be approved by them?

Do you think that the long years of invasions and occupation have created in us, an inferiority complex, that makes us feel less than complete, unless we have the approval of the so called white, anglosaxon people?

Why can't we be proud of who we are, of our history and traditions?

Italians and Jews, are just that, they will never be considered Libyans again.

We can deal with them or any other foreigner, but on our terms, of equality and mutual respect.

Proud Libyan Woman

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