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Islam, Muslim, and Israelis

Judge Mustafa K. Almehdawi
Former president of the court of Appeal of Benghazi
Former Proffessor at the Univercity of Benghazi
Former Judge of the administration court of the Arab-League

TEL:00218 61 2221662
P.O. BOX: 1736, Benghazi, Libya

The Quran is the only law for islam, unfortunately muslim clergymen appolished the message of the Quran by False talks and stories predicated to Mohamed the apostle.
The Quran is not against Israelis, on the contrary all the signs of the Quran are blessing, and distinguishing them, {{children of Israel, call to mind the special favour which I bestowed upon you, and I preferred you to all other people I created}} Soura No 1 Sign No 47 {{the fair promise of God was fulfilled for the children of Israel because they had patience and constancy}} Soura No 7 Sign No 137 {{we God settled the children of isreal in a beautiful dwelling place, and provide for them sustenance of the best, it was after knowledge had been granted to them, that they fell into schisms, verily God will Judge them as the schisms amongst them, on the day of Judgment}} Soura No 10 Sign No 93 {{we God Granted to the children of Israel the Holy Book, the power of command, and prophethood, we God gave them for sustenance the best pure food, and favoured them above the nations, it was only after knowledge had been granted to them that they fell into schisms among themselves, virly it is only God who Judge them on the day of Judgment}} Soura No 45 Sign 17.
Curces were pronounced only on those who rejected faith, and those who disobeyed the laws of God and persisted in excesses, as it has been pronounced on any body else {{Curses were pronounced on those among the children of Israel who rejected faith by the tongue of David, and of Jesus the son of mary because they disobeyed and persisted in excesses}} Soura No 5 Sign No 81.
It is not allowed to muslims to fight any one who is not fighting him, on the contrary he was obliged according to the Quran to be kind to every body who is not fighting him even when he feel that he is trying to betray him {{you will find them Barring a few everbent on deceits, But forgive them, and over look their misdeeds, for God Loveth those who are kind}} Soura No 5 Sign No 14.

According to the Quran those who are not moslims have the fullest right to live side by side with moslimes in peace and harmony, they also have the right to have their system of Justice, and enjoy their kindness {{God forbids you not from dealing kindly and Justly with those who did not fight you because of your faith, and drive you out of your homes, for God Loveoth those who are Just}} Soura No 60 Sign No 8. islam in Arabic means submission in inglish has been constructed as rules in the quran to build up an intellectual community which believes in one god who created everything, and devoting to understand the quran desisted from all talks predicated to any human being what so ever he is on earth {{ follow the quran the revelation Given to you from your god, and do not follow any Other thing beside it }} soura No 7 sign No 3 .
it was not permited to follow any thing except the rules of the quran, Mohamed the prophet him self has made it clear when he said as has been confirmed in the quran {{ I am no bringer of new-fangled doctrine Among the apostles, nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I follow but that which is revealed to me by inspiration I am but a warner open and clear }} soura No 46 sign No 9.

it has been missunderstood to say (Muslim has to obey the prophet) Real Muslim should never obey any thing against the quran, nor the prophet can bring some rules against it, beside you can not obey somebody after his death unless you are certain that it was his order, there is no doubt that the prophet would never say any thing more or less than the quran that which he followed, beside it is not permitted to follow any thing against the Quran, he was asked some questions that he had no answer revealed to him, those who did not believe him said: why do not you bring it as you brought the others, his answer was: {{ I but follow that which is revealed to me from my God by the Quran }} soura no 7 sign no 203.
I hate to be from the opposite end of the conflict from where the historical (Islamic) documents whose authenticity I doubt more than I doubt any classic book written by men in the religion, such documents are saing that (Muslims) went to war Proclaiming: (If you do not wish to be muslim you have either to pay us money or to be killed). This false proclamation that was very badly predicated to Mohamed the Apostle is Obviously breaking the rules of the Quran {{ If it had been thy God's will, they would have belived in the Quran, who ever on earth, wilt thou then compel man kind, against their will to believe }} Soura No 10 Sign No 99 {{ Say the truth from your God, after then, Let him who will believe, and Let him who will reject It }} Sour No 18 Sign No 29 {{ Say it is God I obey with my exclusive devotion, it is your will to obey what so ever you wish against him }} Soura No 39 Sign No 14.

Althou the aggressives declare war upon muslims first or wage it illegally, Muslims have to incline towards peace as soon as the aggressives incline towards it immediately {{ But if the enemy incline towards peace, Do thou incline towards it and trust in God and depend on him }} Soura No 8 Sign No 61. State of belligerency is exceptional in islam, it was permited according to the Quran to stop aggressions not to kill humankind {{ you who believe in the Quran ! enter into peace heartedly all together, and do not follow the steps of the satan }} Soura No 2 Sign No 208 after then captives have to be releaced immediately {{ Prisoners of war may be taken either to release them Generosity or for ransom, but no one has to be captured after war lays down it's burdens}} Soura No 47 Sign No 4.
Most of those talks and stories predicated to Mohamed Falsly have only created tribes and parties against one another, each glad and proud deceptively of what they have against the other, finaly we have numerous islams with one abandoned Quran {{ O Mohamed you are distinct from those who divided their religion and break up into sects and parties }} Soura No6 Sign No 159.

A: The Question of "Milk Al Yamin":
- The most horrible sexual mutilation in the dark ages of history, was to keep female prisoners of war in lewdness and secret intrigues. Such horrible crime was never allowed by the Quran. According to the Quran a man, who ever his religion might be, would never be allowed normally to have more than one wife in marriage (Sourah No 4, Sign No 1). Prisoners of war, male or female would never be captured except for generousity, or ransom. Once war lays its burdens, all prisoners of war, male and female, have to be released immediately without any conditions."Milk Al yamin" is an Arabic expression in the Quran which was dismayingly mis-interpreted in Arabic and in other languages, as well, as "a spoil of war". The true meaning thereof was given in many places in the Holy Quran such as; {{ Ye who believe let those who are your milk al yamin, and the children among you who have not come age ask your permission before they come to your private presence }} (Sourah No 24, Sign No 58). Now let us ask those interpreters: If a man can touch the woman who is his "Milk Al Yamin", ought she have his permission before she comes to his private presence ?!. Another example is the sign: {{ If any of you have not the means to wed a householded woman, they may wed among those who are "milk Al Yamin"}}. In this sign "Milk Al Yamin" gives the opposite meaning of a house-held woman, or a woman who is in protection in the house of a good family. It is so clear to understand the meaning of "Milk Al Yamin" as the refugees who were forced to flee dangers, such as war, earthquakes, floods, or political persecution. Any man or woman who are able to house such refugees can keep as many of them as they can, but they cannot touch such women without marriage. It is, then, a social system of housing refugees for the sake of God. If the U.N.can carry the responsibility of all refugees on earth, then there is no need to allow such system.

B. the question of "ABEED" (or abiders, not slaves)
More horrible sexual mutilation is what was allowed, shamefully by slave-trade, slavery was never mentioned in the quran except in the context of being freed wherever they have been found, slavery is something so different. From what was mentioned in the quran. An (Abd) which in Arabic means (obedient), I.e. one who cannot feed himself to be kept under the protection of another man or woman who is able to feed him, all he has to pay is to obey the system of the house he was kept in such system serves as the social insurance , I believe that when social insurance covers everybody in the society, then there will be No need to keep (abeed) in any house, once he or she was kept as an abd – the Arabic plural of "abd" is "abeed"- he or she would have all human rights, not to be touched sexully except by marriage, if they wish to leave the protector they can go wherever they like without any condition {{ God sets forth the parable-of two persons- one an abed , unable to do any thing, following somebody, and the other a person who we- God-have bestowed goodly favours from our selves and he spends thereof , are the two equal?}} soura No 16 sign No75 in this sign "abed" gives the opposite meaning of a wealthy person, there is no room for slavery which gives the opposite meaning of freedom. very important to be noticed that the meaning Of "ABD" in Arabic is "obedient" rather than "slave" or "servant" as has been found in most of the interprations of the quran, one could not trust most of the interprations made from Arabic to Arabic, so what con we say about the interprations from Arabic to other longuages?!

There is not one word in the Quran that gives the meaning of "slavery" even to god who creat every thing one was only persuaded to be "abed" for god, in any event he is free not to be! God created adem and his descendants to be honored man and womeu, not to be put in the (market of slaves) as most of clergymen among muslims believe! {{ we –god-honoured the descendants of adem, provided them with transport on land and sea, given them for sustenance things good and pure }} sora No 17 sign No 70. Slave in Arabic MEANS "RAKIK" not "ABD" Acording to the quran except for making an offer of betrothal or cherishment in heart, there must not be any attachment betweeu a man and a woman EXCEPT by permanent marriage.

Judge Mustafa K. Almehdawi

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