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Blair Shaking Hands With The Dictator Qadhafi

The British Libyan Solidarity Campaign
PO Box 136
M19 2UZ

31st May 2007

There was very little noise in the media about where Tony Blair was on Tuesday of this week, compared to the announcements about his trip to Sierre Leone today. (Thursday 31st May).

Tony Blair, the “Great Defender of Democracy” was in Libya on Tuesday 29th May shaking hands with the Dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi. The hypocrisy is insulting to the intelligence of the British people.

Blair wants to be remembered for removing the Dictator Saddam Hussein (allegedly) in defense of democracy. He made Britain an ally to America in the illegal invasion of Iraq that lead to over 600,000 civilian deaths, and he leaves behind his legacy to the Iraqi people of ongoing death and destruction on a nearly daily basis since the occupation began. Then he has the audacity to visit Libya and do deals with Gaddafi, a ruthless Dictator with 37 years of blood on his hands who still denies his people the right to set up an opposition party, the right to free press, whose Human Rights record challenges even Saddam’s atrocities.

No surprise that Blair discussed selling Gaddafi British missiles and air defense systems in what would be the largest UK defense sale to the former outcast state since an international arms embargo in Tripoli ended in 2004 and that Tripoli announced it will sign a 900-million-dollar exploration deal with British energy giant BP, which would mark the company’s return to Libya after a 33-year absence. Tony Blair said “We now have very strong cooperation on counter-terrorism and defense and a commercial relationship which, as you can see from this important investment deal, is one that is simply going from strength to strength.”

So Tony is going out as he came in – doing deals for oil and arms at the expense of the Human Rights of ordinary people – selling them out so the oil companies and arms manufacturers can get richer - in Iraq, In Libya, anywhere he can turn a buck and look sincere no matter who is suffering in the process.

Lucinda Lavelle ( Secretary of the BLSC )

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