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Tony Blair the Super Weapon Salesman

The king of spin Tony Blair has just paid his second visit to his new found friend the dictator of Libya Moamar Gathafi and signed an agreement whereby the United Kingdom sell Libya anti-craft systems and other weaponry.

Tony Blair the out going premier wanted to add to his war portfolio a final service to humanity before he leaves office on 27th June 2007 by selling arms to a known criminal dictator whose record full of crimes against the Libyan people and many others from all over world.

For years I favoured the Labour Party over the Conservative Party or any other political party in the UK. I thought their social policies served the people of Britain and that the great majority of the Labour supporters stood for the rights of other nations to be free. They were the first to object to wars and demonstrated against them. The British voters have always punished their leaders who went against these ideals of democracy. Tony Blair despite his successes he disobeyed these ideals and went against people of Britain and finally paid the price. Mr Blair modelled himself on Mrs Thatcher and converted the Labour Party into another copy of the Conservative Party. I always thought if this Country were not a great democracy Mr Blair would have been a very happy Dictator. Thank God for Democracy and I salute the British People and the Labour MPs for forcing Blair to resign in order to protect their democracy from any further damage by Mr Blair.

Under Blair, Britain became the number one supporter of wars and conflicts around the world and happy to play a second fiddle to America. His unconditional support of the Bush's adventures has made this country the target of terrorism and the loss of British soldiers lives in pointless wars.

Mr Blair and Mr Bush lied to us all about their reasons for going to war on Iraq. First they lied about the Iraq’s WMD and then changed their story later on, added another reason for invading Iraq; this time "freeing the Iraqi people" from the evil dictator Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein was for years their partner in crime and protégée. The Governments of the west and in particular Britain and the US have supplied Saddam with all types of weapons. We all remember the Super Gun affair during the Thatcher Government and Ramsfield delivering WMD chemicals to Saddam and his regime which was used against Halasha villagers killing five thousand men, women and children.

Blair and Bush don’t miss telling us in every occasion they come into contacts with the cameras about the “Free World” and “Freedom of expression” and the “Civilised World” and the “Human Rights” and the “Ideals of Democracy” and their fight to protect these ideals against forces of evil and terrorism. Yet we see them right under our noses rewarding Dictators and arm them to the teeth.

Gathafi the butcher of Libya certainly doesn’t deserve to be rewarded or encouraged for his crimes and evil acts against humanity. Visits by heads of Western Governments to a dictator send the wrong signals. The feelings among the oppressed people of Libya that these Heads of States who are dealing with Gathafi are hypcrites and have no regard to their interest in breaking free from dictatorship.
Mr Blair may justify his relationship with criminal Gathafi and even congratulate himself for making the sale of British weapons and brining millions of Pounds to the Treasury, but on the other hand giving a dictator like Gathafi weapons is exactly like supplying a killer with tools to commit his crimes. Gathafi's criminal record speaks for itself.

• Gathafi supplied weapons, guns, explosives and semtax to the IRA in the 1980s. Many British people died as a result of the IRA terror campaign on the main land Britain.
• Gathafi supplied weapons to the Lebanese fighting factions during the Lebanese civil war to prolong the fighting and the suffering.
• Gathafi waged an attack on his neibouring Country Chad where 10 thousand Libyan soldiers lost their lives and many are still missing or captured.
• Supplied arms to fighting factions in the Philippines, various African countries and South America. • Trained the soldiers of Charles Taylor the dictator of Liberia and fuelled the civil war by money and arms.
• Supplied arms to fighting groups in the African country of Sierra Lion where thousands lost their lives.
• Supplied arms and land mines to the fighting groups in Yemen where many civilians lost their lives and the mines maimed and killed people and still do.
• His henchmen killed the British Police women Yvonne Fletcher in 1984 and injured many Libyan demonstrators in St James’ Square in front of the Libyan Embassy.
• Bombed the French Air plane over Africa in 1987 killing 178 passengers mostly French. • Bomber Pan AM flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 killing 270 people.
• Bombed a Libyan Air plane over Tripoli in 1989 killing 150 Libyans and foreign nationals.
• Massacred over 1200 Libyan prisoners in the infamous Abu Saleem prison in Tripoli. Prisoners were held for years without any trials in poor conditions were machine gunned on the specific orders of Gathafi himself.
• Hanged many students and teachers in their own universities and schools in 1976. Many students were tortured, killed and disappeared in what he calls the 7th April student revolution.
• Murdered many Libyan Army Officers accusing them of plotting against his regime.
• Kidnapped the Libyan dissident and the Human Rights campaigner Mr. Mansour Al Kykhia from his hotel in Cairo Egypt. Nobody have heard or seen him since.
• Kidnapped Libyan dissidents Mr Mattar and Mr Izzat Al Magrief from Alexandria, Egypt. Nobody have heard or seen them since.
• He imprisoned or killed Mr Musa AL Sader, a prominent Sheeat Lebanese Leader who was Gathafi’s guest 1978 in Tripoli, Libya.
• He sent Libyan Troops to their death to assist Idi Amen the dictator of Uganda in 1974.
• Trained and protected Abu Nidal and his faction group in Libyan army camps.
• Killed Libyan dissidents in London, Rome, Germany, Greece Cyprus and Cairo.
• Tortured and killed Dhaif AlGhazal a journalist who wrote about the corruption in Libya.
• Thousands of Libyans imprisoned without trials in poor health conditions.

The Libyan people found out early on to their loss the horrendous state of affairs that Gathaffi has landed them in. They lost their freedom and their democratic system which they enjoyed since the independence between 1951 and 1969. They lost their education system and their health system and all their towns and cities are falling into slums and decay state. No public services to maintain decent life for the people of Libya. The schools, the hospitals and public transportation lack funding. Teachers and Government employees don't receive their salaries for up to six months. Wages have been frozen since 1981 under law 15.

The oppressed people, who fell victims to these dictators expect from the leaders in the "so called free world" and "democratic nations" to reject dealing with criminal rulers such as Gathafi. We expect the west to promote real democracy, rule of law and uphold the principals of human rights. Encourage cultural and human interaction between people and nations.

Ahmed Massaud Gabaili
Woking, Surrey
United Kingdom
31st May 2007

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