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Reply To Mr Said al-Oraibi

I have read the sad story, but I don't agree with the writer in pointing the finger of blame to these doctors at home and mentioning their names and I think he should know better.

If you read Libyan websites, they classifiy doctors in two types;

1) traters (Khowana), as Dr Kshim said in his London meeting with Issa Abdulgium. He think this apply to doctors who went on scholarships for postgraduation and never came back to treat patients at home. Dr Kshim didn't look at his actions before judging other libyans. He is a joke and one of biggest supporter of what is going wrong in Libya. Despite the availability of hospitals and libyan doctors at home, when Dr Kshim became ill, he elected to go to London for treatment possibly on the expense of Libyan goverment ( I guess the money they spend on him will be enough for one scholership). Personally, I agree with Mrs Boiser reply to him that the money spend on libyan doctors to study abroad iis their right and part of their share in Libya wealth and they are free to return or stay abroad

2) Without faith (Bedon Damer), as Mr Arabi said in his story. If read the story carefully who you will blame;

a) Old patient at home developed infected deep bed sores; this will tell you that she didn't have good care at home but who to blame;
family for not providing the required care?(if they are living in the west they may end up in jail!), Goverment for not giving enough income to this family to sustain decent life? Health services and social services for not providing the patient and family education and support to look after this old patient at home and prevent these complications?

b) No hospital accepted this patient for admission; Who to blame?? where she should be admittied to hospital of a nursing home? This will depend of the physcian assessment! In Benghazi, Hawari hospital was closed on 1993, and since then the was increasing shortage of hospital beds to meet the growing population demand of the eastren part of libya, this lead to strict policies for patient admissions and priorties and the junior doctors have to follow it to admit patient and the admission of patient are shared between three hospitals in Benghazi, 7th octobar hospital, Jamaheria hospital and small medical unit in aljala hospital and this usually done in daily rotation, so if you take a paient with even MI to one hospital they will tell you we are not admitting patients today (no beds and is not their take) please take your patient to another hospital for admission, then the patient will be assessed if he is medical or surgical case, is he elective or urgent, is there any beds available?? This is a major health care issue everybody in Benghazi know about it and it is the responsibility of the goverment to solve this problem and also the people to ask for their rights!

It is totally unfair to blame these poor junior doctors for this and use them and their names as escape goats! They are working in very very difficult conditions, underpaid and some of them unpaid, overworked, unsupported, badly treated by patient/relative (verbal and physical abuse is common).

c) What our great writer done about this story (mr aribi), if he live in Benghazi he should follow these problems to their roots and write fairly. If I am one these junior doctors who their names mention I will take him to court! Has he thought of giving money to this poor man or collect charity form the people who were with him that day in the marboa! We should learn how to take actions and safe people lives and avoid blaming others.

Best regards,


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