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Letter To Faisal al-Qaseem

May 29, 2006

Mr. Faisal Alqaseem
Aljazeera TV. Station
Doha, Qatar

Dear Mr. Alqaseem:
Watching your program of “Alettijah Almoakis” on Aljazeera channel last Tuesday has stunned me deeply and made me sick. I have lost any future hope in what are the so-called Arab elites whom turned into tools executing the agenda of their masters and vending for those who pay high. The topic and the substance of your program was not only bias, but has demonstrated an extreme state of non-professionalism and ignorance. The task on your shoulder is heavier than your courage, yet you have failed to present your thoughts properly and came short from taming your unleashed mad dog from Baghdad. Professional journalism has a set of ethics and moral standards. Unfortunately, those whose living depends on payoffs from corrupt rulers are unable to abide by such principles. Indeed, the blindness is not the one of sight, but it is the blindness of the heart.

Your introduction was not only primitive and misleading to the common audience, but also full of falsehoods. The desperate attempt to falsify the truth and to twist the facts was obvious. The credit is given with full respect to the smart watchers who resented your negative remarks and silly arguments against the Libyan opposition forces. The Libyans, whom you have tried to taint, as traitors to their country and unfairly describe as elements serving foreign governments, have instead proven to be an unrelenting group. They are bouquets of successful achievers and hard workers who are committed to their faith, noble cause and country. Obviously, you are inhabitants of a world of illusions. You will be surprised to know that thousands of Libyan physicians, accountants, businessmen, engineers, pilots, information technology analysts, lawyers, journalists, chemists, researchers, human right activists, intellectuals, religious leaders and so forth stand with pride as they hold key positions at highly reputed institutions and leading firms around the globe. For example, the majority of pilots and flight engineers on the Qatari Airlines are Libyans while you should also not forget to visit the hospitals in Qatar to see the successful Libyan physicians there. I strongly recommend that you wash your awful mouths with rose water prior to speaking about the Libyans abroad.

It was saddening to watch you through the program using obscene language and negative verbal assault against innocent opposition Libyan forces that defend their people and openly speak against the atrocities and tyranny in Libya. The Libyan internal affairs belong exclusively to the Libyans who are definitely not interested in having externals who know nothing about the prior events involved in their business. You were blind, deaf and dumb during numerous tragic events that took place in the past and you still persistently are. I want you to look through the windows of your office and check the badges and color of the soldiers who are wearing the desert military uniforms, are they Qatari or???????? It is true; the camel doesn’t look at the curvature of its neck.

In conclusion, the facts speak for themselves:

  • Our forefathers had tailored a constitution in the early fifties of the last century, which still remains an advanced civilized document. Many nations now are looking to adopt such a document in hopes of creating a flourishing country.
  • Our idols were lions such as Omar Mukhtar, Ahmad Ash-Shareef and other brave leaders representing all parts of Libya whom paved the way for us to carry and handle the torch to our new generations.
  • We the Libyans can disagree in our political opinions and we truly having issues among ourselves, but we have no desire to sell or betray our country. There are more cultural, social and religious grounds that are holding us together than ones that split us apart. It is the love for Libya and to each other.
  • We are openly opposing the practices of the current regime in Libya and putting pressure on the system (through peaceful means and civil disobedience) to make changes and develop towards the better. Positively, we have no plans or intentions to enter Libya on foreign tanks, as we have no Shalabi or Karazai among us.
  • We the Libyans abroad are the asset and the ambassadors of Libya who are bridging the gap between our people and the international community. We will not accept or allow the strangers, the hypocrites and the corrupt to exhaust our resources and/or to destroy the future of our incoming generations.
  • We the Libyans abroad looking forward to establish a mutual and balanced relationship between our country and the rest of the world including the United States on the basis of respect, equity and dignity for a prosperous future of humanity.
  • We the Libyans have history, civilization, quality and both natural and human resources by which we can rebuild our country and promote the rule of law, peace, freedom and justice for all.

Your services are not needed also we decline the services by a corrupt channel like Aljazeera. For your unleashed mad dog from Baghdad we will let him bark as the caravan moves and ………………….

Dr. Rafa Hussein Saber
United States
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