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Old Wine In A New Bottle

So the Americans have decided to sweep 30 years of bad behaviour under the carpet of realpolitik. So they have decided as one observer of the Libyan arena put it, “to hold their noses” and close their eyes and verbally smack Gaddafi for being naughty. To the moral observer it seemed that the Americans have cut their mooring from the ethical approach of democracy and human rights and are floating away on a sea of delusion and self interest. Some would argue that the geopolitical map of the world has changed and new realities have set in, that in politics nothing remains static. It is a simple formula Gaddafi needs the Americans and vice versa. The fact remains that despite the smoke screen of their political upheaval; Gaddafi has never threatened American interests in the region or else where to that effect, despite, his voce ferrous anti imperialism jargon.

If we look at the Arab Israeli conflict we can clearly see that the colonel has done almost nothing to support his Palestinian “brethren”; on the contrary he has done more damage by supporting and financing one faction against the other. He did more damage in planting the seed of discord among the other Arab countries. He turned against Egypt in its hour of need; he turned against Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan Algeria and Iraq to name a few.
But he was supposed to be a militant Arab nationalist, supportive of Islam and opposed to western influence?

But now Gaddafi is handing over Libya to the west on a silver platter, it is ripe and tired. Now the west can extract both beef and milk from the same cow.
Suddenly Gaddafi has been transformed in a Hollywood style from villain to ally, God he deserves an Oscar.

Is it possible that America needs a political fig leaf to cover its shame in Iraq, is it Oil? Is it fear of Islamic militancy? or all combined.

Could Gaddafi have been their loyal protégé from day one? Was he America’s fifth column? Was he there to infiltrate and report to his masters?

Now they are finding him a different role by dressing him in a robe of respectability. Follow Libya’s bold move and get rid of WMD the Americans are saying to pariah states. Come on America stop insulting our intelligence, who are you kidding.

The theories are plenty but to the Libyan man in the street the solutions are few, knowing that little really has changed apart from some white wash of their image abroad, and a veneer of gloss on a dirty base. We should not please at the price of truth, it is nothing but old wine in a new bottle as the saying goes. Many Libyans use to see America as the light at the end of the tunnel, but that light is nothing but a train of despair heading their way. Alas Gaddafi has been given another lease of life.

T. B.

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