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رسائل قصـيرة

Oil Flow And Got Deaf Are One!

The World especially the Oil consumers ,Europe and U.S .care about ONE THING about LIBYA ITS OIL , OIL ..... Everything else is Nothing to them . Freedom , Democracy .... etc .etc .... You will find them in their Waste Basket ! .... As Long as Oil is Pumping in a steady flow or even increasing ,they are very happy about Libya and its leadership .... Got Deaf ... that's to say . For The Libyans , in the other hand , Oil was and still is a Curse . The Only Way For The Libyans to make The World Hear Them...IS .... They ..(.. MUST..).. Disturb..,..Interrupt..or.. Even..(.. STOP..).. The..(.. OIL..).. From Reaching The West..( U.S., France, Germany & U.K. ) ...For..( Few Hours ) or Days ..( Wishful Thinking ! .. U .. might .. Say ),.. after This Happened , Then ,The Western Countries May Choose a different Leader for the Oil rich Desert That's called Libya ( To secure ) The OIL FLOW again , for another Thirty Years or so. Otherwise, The Libyans Have One Thing to Do... (.Sing.).. Ya - A - Lam - Ya - Aziz .....!.

Libi Jaban

مقعـد في النار

احب ان اوضح لك انك انسان وضيع وانشاء الله سوف تتبوأ مقعد في النار في القريب العاجل انت وامثالك . من شراذم هذه الامة وزناديقها امثالك.


Comment On Khaled el-Ghool's Article

Dear Sir
I am sure you read and check all comments from letters & emails sent to you by your readers from moderate Libyan and also fundamentalist. I read on your website only a few days ago that Mr.Khaled elGhool self made fundamentalist interfered by giving an opinion which he has no idea what is all about. In my opinion if you ask any other elmazic persons he will tell you exactly Mr. elGhool is only trying to recruit young elmazic men to send them to south Algeria , Afghanistan and Iraq. We all know Mr. elGhool is quite sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim fundamentalist around the world. I would like to inform Mr. elGhool there is no person of the human history from elmazic people that are proven to be fundamentalist. They will never follow any Muslim ideology. I also should warn him that he is playing with red hot charcoal and he may burn his hand badly and he will remember this for the rest of his life.

We as elmazic do follow Islam but we are not fundamentalist like Mr. elGhool comments.


Zualm Taton

I Need Some Information

Dear Assia Ibrahim
Further to your letter date on 13/09/06, I need some information about the diploma in English language.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely


عندى استشارة

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
لقد دلونى عليك اصحاب الخير الاستاذة آسيا اذا قرأت رسالتى ارجوك ردى على لأننى عندى استشارة واتمنى منك المساعده.


أ. ف.

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