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Craving for Arla:
The End Result of Islamic Boycott

Before the row over the Danish cartoons, confessedly, I never heard of Arla. But now I know. As cheese of the finest class, the Arla cheese is very delicious. So much so that most of those new consumers of Arla for the sake of free press are in danger of becoming Arla addicts who must have Arla for breakfast, Arla for lunch, Arla for snack, Arla for supper, Arla, Arla, Arla!

As trivial as it is, the event of the Danish cartoons has produced unbelievably big results.

First and foremost, the Muslim reaction to the cartoons is theologically puzzling. That is because, as contrasted with Christ and Buddha, the Muslim Prophet has no theologically recognized icon. You might draw as many portraits of him as you like, but none would be acknowledged by Muslims as that of the Prophet Mohammed. In theory, therefore, it’s impossible to caricature him. That is one of the main reasons why he has no icon in the first place. So by giving implicit credence to the supposition that the cartoon character in question has indeed some recognizable features of their Prophet, the enraged protesters are, in some sense, the ones who broke the rule of icon prohibition. How highly regarded clerics fell into that trap is not at all clear.

The motive of Muslim politicians for exploiting the cartoons, however, is very clear.

Check out, for instance, the statements of Colonel Qadhafi and his son to the European press shortly before the disastrous protest of February the 17th boomeranged on them.

The political goal is to have Western countries treat anti-Islamism on an equal footing with anti-Semitism. Very ambitious undertaking, but the success is unlikely. It’s imperative, in this regard, to point out the weaknesses of the case and to let Muslim politicians choose either to improve their argument for it, or to drop the whole thing as unrealistic and a waste of time on their part.

As it happened, Judaism is the oldest and the smallest of the three so-called ‘Abrahamic’ religions. This puts contemporary Jews in a very odd position. On one hand, their prophets and their ancient ancestors are highly glorified in the holy scriptures of Christianity and Islam. On the other hand, they themselves are vilified by many passages and verses in these same holy scriptures. For this reason, there is nothing easier in societies of Christian or Islamic background than inciting violence and creating intentionally or unintentionally a blood bath for the modern children of Yahweh.

It’s, therefore, absolutely necessary for the press in those societies to handle criticizing the Jews with extreme caution. There is no honor in having one’s own words resulted in a blood bath for the innocent.

Now, to grant anti-Islamism a similar legal status, Muslim politicians must show Islam is a minor religion and must prove that anti-Islamism in the past led to a genocide comparable to the Holocaust. At the present time, neither of these two conditions is true. And hence the Holocaust argument would not work in the anti-Islamic case.

It is instructive and very interesting to see that the Qadhafi Regime, which before the Benghazi protest, was complaining so loudly, is now exercising total media blackout with regard to anti-Islamism. Has this foolish regime realized at last it’s too dangerous to try exploiting religious sentiments for political purposes? That is because it is impossible to calculate their trajectory. And because more often than not, those wild sentiments turn around and hit in the head allies, sympathizers, and manipulators. This is exactly what happened in Benghazi on the Bloody Friday. Innocent citizens, who their only offence was to allow themselves to be carried away by the agitations of the Regime, were lying dead or wounded on the streets. Downtown Benghazi was on fire. Security officials and personnel were confused and exposed as brutal, inept, and totally ignorant of the proper procedures for controlling an angry crowd. In short, Qadhafi’s reputation as the master manipulator of the masses is in tatters. The lesson is ‘thou shall not exploit religious sentiments for political purposes’.

Ali Bin Typhoon

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