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To Mr. Ghoma

To Mr Ghoma,

I read your last ranting about great Islam in your last article. While your ignorance of Islam is quite astonishing and staggering to say the least, your ill biased towards the west is what really gave me a pause in disbelief. Are you a libyan, Mr Ghoma? if so, do you still remember what your great mentors in the west the chreistian Italians did to the Libyan muslems? Or are you the decendent of one of those traitors who used to spy on Libyan freedom fighers and kiss the asses of his Italian masters. Let me refersh your demolishing memory and highlight the actual civilization that your western masters brought to us libyans during the last century. The westerners examplified in the christian Italians started an aggression war in 1911 on the paceful Libyan people and savegly bombareded the capitol Tripoli and other Libyan cities day and night killing in the process thousands and thousands of inocent childern, women, and elderly and under the blessing of the Papcy. When they faced difficulty conqureing the eastern part of Libya due to the heroic ressistance of the AL-SAADY and MURABITIN arab tribes, they constructed and initiated huge concentrated camps in Al-Aqila, Briqa, Magroun, and Sluq, and in which they KILLED 500 THOUSANDS of libyans, a lot of whole families were completely perished in those mass murder camps. A crime against humanity in such a large scale that only barbaric and sycho thugs would have committed it and yes it defeintly should be regarded as a genocide. It was just pure Evil.

The West started the civilization? Are you born stupid or you just practice?

I mean really even an arrogant westerner basterd would NOT claim that. First of all, it is the Midel East which considered as the cradle of civilization NOT the western world, and paricularly its SIMITEC peoples. It is the semite Phoenican, the greatest seafarers people the world has ever known, who gave the Greeks the knowledge and alphabet. The Greeks owe everything to these great Phonecians. Thery were also notable merchants, traders, and colonizers. Do not take my word for it go check it out in any well known encyclopedia.

Another great semite peoples are the Sumerians, Akkadians and the Babylonians who setteled in Mesopotamia (Iraq today), in 10,000 BC, the birthplace of writing.

As for the Aramaean, another semite people, their language and culture spread through international trade. They reached a cultural peak during the 9th–8th centuries BC. By 500 BC, Aramaic had become the universal language of commerce, culture, and government throughout the Fertile Crescent and remained so through the time of Aisa (PBH) and into the 7th century in some areas. Let aside other civilizations established by the Kaanan semites in Jordan, and Syria, and Arab semites in south Yamen. And remember all these great semit poeples migrated from the Arabian Peninsula and all are brothers of the great ARAB people.

And now, only a blind person filled with haterd can deny the great contibutions made by the Muslmes insipred by the ARABIAN PROPHET MUHAMMED (PBH) the greatest human being that ever walked on this plant. I can assure you if it was not for this blessed and great prophet, your idol westerners would be still living in their dark ages til now. It goes without saying that westerners were barbaric and savages during that glory Muslem rule.

What Ghoma? you did not know that, well go educate yourself before you start ranting against such extraordinary figure (PBH).

Let me ask you stupid Ghoma.

What the westerners did with the Greek heritage? Absoultly nothing. Big flat zero. It was lying there before their own very eyes and did nothing with it. Now look at what the Arabs and Muslems had done for the sake of humanity. They took whatever the Greek had and purified, classiffied, critized and built upon it with such powerful and scientific methods and added so much to it more than the greek already had. Their significant contributions in comparsion dwarfed whatever the Greek had.

What do you think? That the western civilization only came about like that out of the blue and was only their sole effort who made it that way? It was the Muslem heritage who started this so-called western civilization. It is your problem if you do not want to believe this simple truth. Only ignoramous would believe otherwise.

Do you know that the first hospital, library, university, in the world history were pure muslem inventions and localized in Baghdad? Did your western masters teach you that while they were brainwashing you? I bet they did not. Who brought Medecin and medical knowledge to Europ while the native europeans considered any patient as a witched soule and burned them alive. You gussed it, Muslems in Espain and south France and Italy. Do you know that the westerner cardinal Akzemes, I am not quite sure about the right spelling of his name, had burned more than 80,000 priceless arabic scientific papers in Grenada, Espain. Do you know that hunderd of thousands of highly valuable scientific papers, documents, and books were burned at the Wisdom Library in Baghdad, the first library in world history, by the mogulus. A catasrophic event that sent the Arabs and Muslems back for a long time. Who invented algebra, Ghoma? Who teached europeans how to cook using different spies and recipies and how to use paper? right again Ghoma my boy. It is the Muslems in the midel east during the crusade wars.

Ghoma my boy, I do not have the time, energy, and space here to give this subject the extent it realy deserves. But I advise you to NOT listen to ill-intentioned westerners when it comes ISLAM. There are some westerners, though, who are objective and honest, but are quite few. However, if you insist, you will find someone in this web site who will rationally refute your ignorant and baseless assertions and expose your hatered propaganda.

A Libyan Muslem

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