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المؤتمر الليبي الرابع للسكري والغـدد الضمّ

البرنامج المقترح والدعوة الأولى لتقديم الملخصات


Diabetic Centre,        Endocrine Unit,         Faculty of Medicine,             Libyan                        LBMS Tripoli.                      TMC.                         Al-Fateh                                Diabetic                                                                                                                   Society            ___________________________________________________________________________________

المؤتَمَرُالليبيُ الرَّابِعُ للسَّكَرِي وَالغُدَدِ الصُّمِّ

29  إبريل إلى 1 مايو2006 إفرنجي بطرابلس الجماهيرية

The Fourth Libyan Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference:

29th April to 1st May 2006, Tripoli, Libya

البرنامج المقترح والدعوة الأولى لتقديم الملخصات


I. INTRODUCTION AND WELLCOME:                                                           1. مقدمة وترحيب:      


Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                         الإخوة الزملاء الكرام: 

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The organizing committee would like to invite you to participate in the forth coming Fourth Libyan Diabetes and Endocrinology which is planned to be held in Tripoli in the spring. We have commitment from several expert speakers and we hope that the delegates will have an up to date reviews of the principles and practice of our art of diabetes care and clinical endocrinology. We will have enough time and space for young researchers, clinical trainees and clinical practitioners to present their research findings, clinical observations and interesting cases with learning features as posters and free communications.

The programme as proposed will cater of the educational needs of various professional groups and at different levels of experience. We hope to be informed and entertained by the plenary lectures, "state of the art" lectures and the "memorial" lectures. The morning symposia will focus on three select aspects of care and the afternoon workshops are interactive sessions on modern management of diabetes and on diabetes and endocrine emergencies. On the third day we will experiment with a special symposium on educating the educators and we hope that presentations and discussions will be appropriately in Arabic to enhance our skills in communicating effectively with our Libyan patients 

We very much welcome you to join us and we enclose the provisional programme, abstract details and registration forms. All communications will be via the internet including submission of abstracts.  

We look forwards to seeing you in April 2006.

 د. سالم العريفي بشيه                                 د.عصام المهدي الحجاجي

Salem Beshyah, PhD FRCP                                Issam Hajjaji, MB MA MRCP(UK)

For  The Programme Organizing Committee                          for The Local Organizing Committee.                                                    
  2. البرنامج المقترح:

 Saturday  29.4.2006

Morning Session: (Max 4 CPD Credits)

8.15 - 9.00:  Plenary Lecture 1:

Chair: Professor Ibrahim Sherif

Diabetic nephropathy: a 2006 update

Dr. Abdulfattah Lakhdar, MSc FRCP

Consultant Physician, Whipps Cross University Hospital, London.

9.00 – 9.30: Coffee & Networking/Posters 


Symposium 1: Diabetes: The Size of the Problem

Chairs: Dr. Taher Berish and  Dr. Ahmed Shamekh

9.30 -10.00:     Diagnosis &  classification of glucose intolerance states. Dr. Salem Beshyah

10.00-10.30:    The metabolic syndrome in 2006 and beyond. Dr.  Tarek Fiad

10.30-10.50:    Gestational diabetes: Diagnosis and screening.  Dr Lubna Maghur

10.50-11.10:    Diabetes in babies Professor Sulieman Abusreweel

11.10-11.30:    Diabetic nephropathy in Tripoli.  Dr. Mehdia. AbuArgoub

11.30-11.50:    Free Communication from Submitted abstracts

11.50-12.10:    Free Communication from Submitted abstracts

12.15-13.00 State of the Art Lecture 1:

Chair Dr. Abdulfattah Lakhdar

 " Modern management of hyperprolactinaemia "

Professor Ahmed Swalem, MBBCh FRCP

Professor of Medicine, Benghazi.

 13.00-14.30      Lunch Break/Posters

14.30-18.00      Free Time/Informal Activities & Interactions/Satellite Session Spaces (TBC): 

Evening Session: (Max 3 CPD Credits)

18.00 – 20.00  Workshop 1. Management of diabetes: from life style to insulin”

Chairs  Issam Hajjaji & Hawa Sherrif

 18.00-18.30     Diet for Libyan diabetics: Dr Issam Hajjaji

18.30-19.00     Optimal use of the old and newer oral antidiabetic drugs. Dr Salem Beshyah

19.00-19.30     Effective insulin injection therapy: Principles and Practice. Dr. Soad Bosseri

19.30-20.00     Panel discussion and interactive cases: Panel

 20.00- 21.00: The Ibn-Sina Lecture.

Chair:  Dr. Issam Hajjaji

 Models of structured diabetes education

 Dr. Soad Bosseri, MBBCh DTM MSc MRCP(UK)

Consultant Diabetologist, Brueni

Sunday 30.4.2006

Morning Session: (Max 4 CPD Credits)

8.30- 9.15. Plenary Lecture  2:

Chair: Professor Ahmed Swalem 

"Management of adrenal disease in the era of the laparoscope"/ "Diabetes and the Heart"


 9.15 – 9.45: Coffee & Networking/Posters:

 9.45- 12.15

Symposium 2. Complications of diabetes:

 Chairs: Dr Salem Habroush and Dr. Tarek Fiad

09.45-10.15     Hypertension in diabetes  Dr. Kamal Abouglila

10.15-10.45     Diabetic eye disease.  Dr. Khalifa Bakoush

10.45-11.15     The diabetic foot.  Dr. Soad Bosseri

11.15-12.45     Sexual dysfunction in diabetic men Dr. Elhadi Hussein

12.45-12.15     FC: Microlabuminuria in Tripoli  Dr. Saleh Ben Hamed

12.00-12.15     Free Communication from submitted Abstracts TBC

 12.15-13.00: State of the Art Lecture 2:

Chair: Dr. Salem Beshyah

 " Controversies in thyroidology "

Professor Ibrahim Sherif, MB FRCP(Ed)

Professor of Medicine, Tripoli, Libya.

 13.00-14.30      Lunch Break/Posters

14.30-18.00      Free Time/Informal Activities & Interactions/Satellite Session Space

 Evening Session: (Max  2.5 CPD Credits)

 18.00 – 20.00

Workshop 2: "Diabetic and endocrine emergencies"

Chairs: Dr. Aisha Lazrag &  Dr Kamal Abouglila

 18.00-18.25     Thyroid emergencies. Dr. Kamal Abouglila

18.25-18.50     Adrenal and pituitary emergencies: Dr Salem Beshyah

18.50-19.15     Diabetic ketoacidosis in adults. Dr. Salem Habroush

19.15-19.40     Management of diabetes during surgery and cardiovascular crises: Dr. Soad Bosseri

19.40-20.00     Panel discussion and cases.  

20.00- 20.45 Al-Fitouri Memorial Lecture:

Chair: Professor Ahmed Swalem

 " Diabetes in Libya: Current perspectives and future challenges "

Dr. Salem Beshyah, PhD FRCP

Monday 1st May 2006

Morning Session: (Max 4 CPD Credits)

8.30 - 9.15: Plenary Lecture 3

Chair: Dr Salem Beshyah

"Polycystic Ovary: metabolic and reproductive perspectives"

Dr. Tarek Fiad, MD FRCPI FRCP

Consultant Physician, West Midlands, UK.

9.15 - 9.45:      Coffee & Networking/Posters

9.45- 12.15:

Symposium 3. Diabetes and Endocrinology in Children and Pregnancy:

Dr. Mohsen Eledrisi &  Dr Ahmed Dhaim

 9.45  - 10.15    Type 2 diabetes in children. Professor Othman Kadiki

10.15 - 10.45   Modern management of DKA in children: Dr Ahmed  Shamek

10.45 - 11.15   Growth hormone deficiency in children. Professor Sulieman Abusreweel

11.15 - 11.45   Thyroid disease during pregnancy. Dr Aisha Lazraq

12.00 - 12.15   Free Communication from submitted abstracts. TBC

 12.15 - 13.00: State of the Art Lecture 3. 

Chair: Dr  Soad Bosseri

 Lipid lowering in diabetes: From evidence to clinical practice

Dr. Mohsen Eledrisi

 13.00-14.30      Lunch Break/Posters

14.30-18.00      Free Time/Informal Activities & Interactions/Satellite Session Spaces

 Evening Session: (Max 2.5 CPD Credits)

18.00 - 20.00: Workshop 3: Educating the Educators (All communications will be in Arabic)

Chair: Dr. Issam Hajjaji & Dr. Abdulfattah Lakhdar

 18.00-18.25     "What is diabetes": What the patient must know. Dr. Salem Beshyah

18.25-18.50     Diabetic dieting the Libyan way. Dr. Issam Hajjaji

18.50-19.15     Drug treatment of diabetes: Dr. Soad Bosseri

19.15-19.35     Complications of diabetes: an overview.  Dr. Abdulfattah  Lakhdar

19.35- 19.55    Patients' education and support: The patient’s views. TBC

 20.00 - 20.45:  The Abdul Razig Zawawi  Memorial Lecture

Chair: Professor Taher Shafeh 

"Living with diabetes: Medicolegal, Personal and Social implications"


20.45 - 21.00:  CLOSE OF THE MEETING.


III. PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS:               3. تحضير وتقديم الملخصات:

 Abstracted are invited in two main different categories:

 1. An abstract of an invited lecture (45 minutes) or a contribution to a symposium (20-30 minutes). These are essentially a review of the literature with reflections on the personal experience of the invited speaker.

 2. A submitted abstract for delegates to be presented as an oral presentation of a free communication (10 minutes + 5 minutes for questions) or to be presented as a poster. The posters will be displayed throughout the conference days but the duration of attended poster sessions will depend on the number of abstracts submitted.  Submitted abstracts may present:

             Clinical research                                  Basic research                          Clinical audit

            Case studies                                         Clinical care

            History of diabetes/ History of medicine in Libya (in general)           


1. An abstract is required for inclusion in the programme book for all contributions (oral and posters) including the invited lectures. All those whose abstracts get accepted must register to attend the meeting.

2. Abstracts are accepted in both English and Arabic.

3. The format of the abstract is dependent on the nature of the contribution. Whenever possible a structured abstract is preferred (i.e. stating the Background & Aims, Patients and methods, Results with actual data included to allow a reasonable assessment of the study and possible citation followed by abstract  conclusions. Please express you data as mean+/- standard deviation or median (range) and include units of measurements and if appropriate the normal reference ranges. Statements such as data will be presented and discussed are not adequate. Please include full names of all contributors and the full name address of affiliated institutions (see Model Abstract).

4. All workers who contributed to the work should be named and should see the abstract in it fairly final format and agree with its contents.

5. Please submit your abstract as soon as possible and in its final format as only absolutely essential editorial amendments will be made by the programme organizing committee.

6. Please submit your abstract to:  or or by personal submission to Dr Issam Hajjaji/Dr Aisha Lazrag.

7. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 5th April 2006.

8. An E-mail acknowledgement will be sent to you on receipt of the abstract and a decision will be made on its acceptance within 7 days indicating the category of the presentation and further instructions.

9. The organizing committee reserves the right to allocate submitted abstracts to an oral or poster presentations.

10. The duration of the oral presentation will be specified to you in the acceptance letter/E-mail. Usually original presentations are allocated a 15 minute slot (10 min presentation and 5 minutes for questions).

11. Posters should be prepared in large font (18-24) and should be adequately illustrated. 


Please return the registration form by e-mail or by Hand to the organizing committee.

On registration a letter of confirmation will be sent to you.

The Conference Committee is not a responsible for any expenses that may be incurred by the delegates.



 Issam HAJJAJI*, Salem BESHYAH*, Kamal ABOUGLILA** and Soad BOSSERI**

*The Clinical Investigations Unit, The Diabetes Centre, Tareeg Ashatt, Tripoli, Libya and ** Tripoli Medical Centre, El-Furnaj, Tripoli, Libya..

 Tel 00218 21 503068 Fax 00218 21 xxx xxxx  E-mail: ? Mobile: 00218 92 xxx xxxx 

Preferred method of presentation:  ORAL /POSTER

 BACKGROUND: Each conference has its own tradition for accepting and publishing of abstracts of the presentations. This abstract is written to illustrate the preferred method for abstract writing for the named conference. METHODS: A fictional abstract was written to illustrate the way a structured abstract should be submitted. RESULTS: The abstract illustrates the use of capital letters in the title and the fact the title is a reflection of the contents. Therefore a title of "Prevalence and risk factors for development of microalbuminuria in adult type 1 diabetics attending Tripoli diabetic clinic 1995-2005" is more appropriate than a "Microalbuminuria in Libya". Names of the authors should be included in full reflecting our Arabic Tradition of First name followed by Surname, middle initial is acceptable. All workers MUST acknowledged as authors in all original work with the traditional order of "hand-on" researchers named first and senior supervisors last and co-workers in the middle in order of contribution. The full name and postal address of the department and the institution should follow the names with indication of the different affiliation if authors come from more than one institution. The full telephone, fax and e-mail of corresponding/presenting author must be included to facilitate future discussions and cooperation between the groups. It is tradition for the first named to be the presenting author although under special circumstances work could be presented by any member of the group. A background and aims section is followed by patients and controls, materials and methods. In the Results all relevant information should be included to allow critical appraisal of the abstract and rate it for inclusion in the programme and in whichever format. Such good abstracts do allow the abstract book to have an extra value of being cited as an early communication even before the data get published in a full format. A maximum of 300  words is set but these do not include the title and details. Authors are encouraged to use such allowance to present really "meaty" abstracts as good record for the conference. No graphs and no references are allowed except for a maximal of name and a year citation within the text referring to a fully published work such as (Beshyah et al., 1994).  A short concluding statement should be included.  The organizing committee will be happy to advise about any unclear issues.

CONCLUSIONS: We hope that we illustrate the best way to prepare an abstract for our meeting to allow uniformity and maximal use of the space allowed producing a representative record of the conference proceedings.

 المؤتَمَرُالليبيُ الرَّابِعُ للسَّكَرِي وَالغُدَدِ الصُّمِّ

29  إبريل إلى 1 مايو2006 إفرنجي بطرابلس الجماهيرية

The Fourth Libyan Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference:

29th April to 1st May 2006  Tripoli, Libya

نـموذج التسـجيل


الرجاء إرسال هذا النموذج بالبريد الإلكتروني أو تسليمه لأحد أعضاء اللجنة المنظمة

Please fill this form and attach it or copy and paste it in an e-mail to:   OR

or hand it personally to the Organizing Committee 

Title: (Professor Dr Mr  Mrs Miss): ---------------------------------------------------             الدرجة                                                      

First Name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------           الإسم:

Surname:     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------          اللقب:

Post:            ------------------------------------------                   الوظيفة

Full work address: -------------------------------------------------       مكان العمل:



 Telephone:            ------------------------------------الهاتف:         

Fax::   -----------------------------------------------------------------------         الفاكس:

 E-mail:   ------------------------------------------------------ بريد إلكتروني:

I will attend: The whole conference       OR Saturday       /Sunday        /Monday

 I do not object to my details being put on the data base of the conference for future events of this group:                             Yes              No              Delete as appropriate

 I am submitting an abstract       Yes              No

 Signature: ________________________________________________________

المؤتَمَرُالليبيُ الرَّابِعُ للسَّكَرِي وَالغُدَدِ الصُّمِّ

29  إبريل إلى 1 مايو2006 إفرنجي بطرابلس الجماهيرية

The Fourth Libyan Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference:

Corinthea Bab Africa Hotel, Tripoli, Libya.

29th April to 1st May 2006

نموذج تقديم الملخصات


 Title:                                                                                                                                       العنوان:

 Authors (first name SURNAME)                                                                                        المؤلفون:

 Name and Address of Institution(s):                                                                                  معاهد البحث:

 Contact details (tel, fax & e-mail):                                                                                      الإتصال بكم

 ABSTRACT (max 300 words):













 كـلمة شـكر وعرفـان


 تتقدم اللجنة المنظمة بالشكرللشركات الراعية للمؤتمر

The organizing committee would like to thank the sponsors of the conference

LILLY    لليلي

 NOVO NORDISK        نوفو نوردسك

MENIRINI         مينيريني

 Sanofi- Aventis    سانوفي أفانتس


Programme Organizing Committee:                                 Local Organizing Committee:

 Dr. Salem A Beshyah (Chair)                                                  Dr. Issam Hajjaji

Dr. Issam Hajjaji                                                                     Dr. Salem Beshyah

Dr. Soad Bosseri                                                                      Dr. Taher Berish

Dr. Abdulfattah Lakhdar                                                         Dr. Aisha Lazrag        

Dr. Mohsen Eledrisi                                                                Dr. Hawa Sheriff

Dr. Kamal Abouglila                                                               Dr. Salem Habroush

Dr. Tarek Fiad


National Advisory Board

 Professor Ibrahim Sherif                  Professor Sulieman Abusreweel      Dr Ahmed Dhaim

 Professor Ahmed Swalem                Professor Othman Kadiki                Professor Salah Gerryo


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