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Why I support Amir Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Ridha Al-Senoussi

First of all, I wish to point out that I am expressing my personal viewpoint. I am not writing on behalf of any group or organization that I am affiliated with.

Numerous efforts to dispose of Gadhafi have been tried over the past 37 years of his oppressive rule of Libya. Undoubtedly many more efforts will be undertaken before Libya rids itself of a torturous 37 years of maniacal ruler. Freeing Libya of its deranged dictator requires identifying a credible symbol of Libyan resistance and investing in him full support and trust.

Although there are a few potential candidates for such a task; however, I firmly believe that Prince Mohamed is most suited for such a daunting responsibility. Here are a few of my reasons:

1. Amir Mohamed is the only person with Constitutional legitimacy among those Libyans who are actively opposing the current military regime.

2. The only member of the Senoussi family who is visible in many anti-Gadhafi activities, organized by various Libyan activists. Amir Mohamed attended the National Libyan Conference in London in June 2005, the recent Constitutional Conference in Washington in June 2006, and had attended many protest marches in the US and Europe.

3. The most unlikely person to seek any secret deals or compromise with Gadhafi, as happened with several former opponents, who are now promoting the Gadhafi regime after receiving assurances of financial rewards.

4. Amir Mohamed is the most credible opponent to Gadhafi and his clan because of the wide support he enjoys among Libyans inside the country, particularly those who have experienced life in the days of the kingdom.

5. Amir Mohamed is an honest man, who can be trusted to deliver on his pledges, unlike many who are willing to promise all, but deliver nothing.

I urge all Libyans inside and outside our beloved country to rally around Amir Mohamed and to demand immediate return to our constitutional legitimacy and the rule of law.

Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D.

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