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Where We Are As Medical Doctors

This is a personal view about our visits to Libya.

I was reviewing some of e-mails which were very interested to me and I promise to write some thing when I have time. Today I looked back to this e-mails which was sent to me and others in May 2006 by one of our colleague. Unfortunately one of our colleagues who are very enthusiastic and supportive to our visits to Libya wrote few things which may not reflect what he always saying to the group. These e-mails all talk about formulating some proposals how to fix the health services in Libya. Colleagues started to think that all what some of us doing is a mistake and will not have any effect and no one benefited from it. Some even went further and accuse his colleagues who are doing these things are having personal agenda.

By all means I agree with both whom against and with the visits to Libya. There is need for structured and planned work with colleagues in or outside Libya. In spite of all efforts done by many colleagues, LDS, reunions, paltalk chat room, conferences, meetings, and others, we are still far away from working as a group. We lack of team work and when chances arrive we start attacking each other. A lot of us are having the eager and enthusiasm to go and help in Libya but others are usually setting on the fence and not participating and just try to diminish others work and make it worthless. These colleagues are doing these things for the seek of beloved Libya and Libyan peoples and colleagues in Libya. It is very difficult to find optimistic people these days but on the other hand you will find many people who pessimistic.

I believe and I hope many will be the same , If you are want to do some thing join the group and work with the group and propose what you want to propose. If you have some thing burning inside you, keep going on until you get ride of it for good or bad. The messages are getting there and many government officials and colleagues start working with us from Libya but as a group outside Libya we are still far away from working as a team.

There are excellent attempts aiming to gather all medical doctors under one roof and have same thinking and feeling. This should be started with good organisation, excellent communication, professionalism must be there and targeted aims and objectives

I think time come and we should stop blaming each others and try to disregard others work in Libya what ever is the magnitude of this work. We should support any initiatives come from any Libyan doctor to help colleagues in Libya. No need to count what he or she did.

Making plans for health services and trying to talk about business plans and changing the system of health services may be it is too ambitious and far from reality. We are not expert in this field, most of us are clinicians and some of us never work as a manger before. You or I may be expert in our fields and only on the departmental levels but we are not expert on the other levels. I well be delighted and will encourage who is expert in this field and work with him/her to promote and support any initiatives that may help health services and medical education in Libya or any where else. If They ask us from Libya to draw plan for the primary health care, I am sure all of us will be keep quite and may be will run away.

Starting as we started last year and two years before is the first step. There is a lot of room to improve in our initiatives if we are genuine to help colleagues. There are many things can be done and supporting and encouraging the health services reform and medical education is one thing we can contribute

Recently and in the past many of our colleagues said, there is people who doing this for personal gains, myself and I know others they have gained nothing and in actual fact we are losing many things, time with family, holidays, pressure at work from colleagues, money and not to forget the stress specially in this age and what can do for you.

Linking our work with other agencies is not meaning we are working for them. We are doing this for Libyan and Libya as we are part of Libya and time come we would like to pass our experience to our colleagues and help Libyan patients when ever there is a chance. We must thank them for the support for us and gave us chance to deliver some thing which we will not be able to do it without there support and encouragement.

This is not directed toward one particular person or group of people and I will be delighted if you could pass it over to all colleagues you know.

Dr Nagi Barakat
Consultant paediatrician / neurologist
UK ( )

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