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To Dr J Hassan

Dear Sir,

Hi DR Jhassan

I am writing to you regarding your last article in Libya our home, I would like to inform you that you are wrong about what you have stated in your article and as a university lecturer you should forget about your back worded region .and learn to be civilized and do not forget that you are living in the most raciest state in the USA.

Let us get back to where you have went wrong in your article if we can call it that.

First of all the 90% of the prisoner who were killed there roots from the western region and not from the east.

And you keep you in touch of what is really going on in Libya as you seem to be very back worded person from your language and your accent ,and I have a doubt about where did you get your PHD? is it from a Flat in Cairo because I know a lot of Libyan who had a PHD from there.

I will give some names and where the come from and I leave it to you to make up your mind DR.

The first men to be killed by the police in the student up rise in 1964 where.

Benhareiz from zeliten.
Al bejo from misratta.
Alnagaz from some were in the west.
The one who shoot them were badoo from the tribes in the eastern province the green mountains.

In the second student up rise, in 1976 the same thing happened.

The first men to be hanged were :
1 omar elmakzomi from Benwalid warfali
2 bensaoud from Misratta
3 Dapop from zawia
The one who hanged them and dance round them , hassan eshkal, suliman (sirte) suliman mahmoud (toubrik) and albarasi(beda).

And in the third up rise 17/2/2006
The first to be killed by the police in the roof top of the Italian Embassy was :
Al taktak from benwalid Werfali.

And all the rest from misrata and tahouna and zletain and alzawia more that 90% from the western province not like what you said DR you have to respect you title and be more objective .ironically the first (sasas) to be killed was (el shihibia) from toubrik)(elbetnan) was shoot dead in Benghazi and was dumped in (elabiar).

Elshihibia was the one who hanged (alsadik elshwaihdi from Misrata) if you have statistic about how many people were killed by the regime and how from east and west the real percentage will be 90% from the west.

And 10% from the east.

If you want to know the real names of who are working with the regime I will ask you to look in site justuc4libya I am sure you will see for your self that a lot of tribes from the east are as involve with the regime as his own tribe and do not forget that Qaddafi is from the same bread as those Bado (Bado and camel herder) the different is the tribes from the east are a (Goats and sheep herder) they are both the same we have suffered in the kingdom of libya and in al Jamaheria jamahiriet the herder and people from the cities and do not forget that most of Libyan icons are people from the west even Omar Elmoktar he belongs to the west more than the east he is from (ELmorabeten) what you are preaching is doing nothing for libya it helps Qadaffi and Qadaffi tried that after the 1976 and failed so my advice to you try some thing else. if the symptoms persist see a DR right away do not wait.

A. A.

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