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A Letter To Hakeem

Dear Hakeem,

If death did not exist religions would not exist. Within this simple fact lies the origin of mankind's obsession with Gods, religions, prophets and all other forms of superstition. Our inherent fear of death is what compels us to believe that there is something "out there" that will save us and enable us to survive our physical death. The core problem is our unbearable awareness of our death. Islam was born into this climate of fear and continues to survive and thrive on propagating fear and using a system of punishments and rewards to control people. It is extremely unfortunate that ones religious affiliation is merely an "accident of birth" and that the subsequent brainwashing that people are subjected to is, in my opinion, a form of mental illness

This is precisely why it is impossible to reason with believers. Faith shuts the door completely on any possibility of reason. Believers are willing to defy reason and reach the most illogical conclusions to justify their faith. At the risk of appearing elitist, I have to state here that the vast majority of human beings lack the capacity and the will to think independently. This is a limitation that I understand and I don't use it against them. However, I do seriously blame and question the motives and the sanity of the so-called Muslim scientists and the highly educated Muslims. They should know better. They go to a great length and write fraudulent books and PhD dissertations explaining the non-existent science in the Quran. They play a major part in propagating and justifying the continued enslavement and subjugation of innocent human beings into corrupt religious institutions.

It is beyond the scope of this letter to expose all the fallacies about science in the Quran, but I still find maters related to astronomy in the Quran most fascinating. Muslim scholars and astronomers claim that the Quran predicated the movements of the sun and the moon in a prescribed orbit. Yet a simple examination of all verses describing the earth, the sun and the moon clearly shows that the description of the sun and the moon was not the work of a God with birdseye view of the solar system, but that of a simple man observing the sun and the moon from below. To an observer on the ground, with no knowledge of astronomy, the sun and the moon would appear equal; one lights the day and the other lights the night sky. A God that has the advantage of looking at all the solar system from "above" could easily see that the earth revolves around the sun and that the moon revolves around the earth, and that the stars are not meant to decorate the night sky but many stars are much bigger than our sun and that the sun itself is just an average star.

When we say that God created everything we "must" mean that God created the entire universe and beyond. The universe that is full of billions of galaxies and billions of the most remarkable stars including black holes. There are quasars, pulsars and neutron stars. There are super massive black holes, supernovas, exploding stars and stars being born even as we speak. A God that created this entire universe (and possibly other parallel universes) would have known better how our solar system worked. He would have easily known the orbits of the earth, the moon, the sun and the planets.

The fact that Mohammed focused on his immediate surrounding and was only able to describe what he saw and the people that he encountered tells us that he was not in connection with a higher power or a power that has a birdseye view of the earth, the solar system or the entire universe. Mohammed saw the sky as a blue canopy raised above the earth in the most literal sense of the word. To Mohammed, and to Arabs of the 7th century, the earth was flat and the mountains stabilized the earth. This is precisely what the Quran stated again and again and no amount of modern re-writing of facts could change the intended language of the Quran. Even the Greeks, without any divine intervention, came up with much better understanding of the earth and the planets than did Mohammed with the help of God and the angels. Repeating the known old stories of the region and repackaging old stories from Judaism and Christianity could hardly qualify as a divine inspiration.

When Islam came into being in the 7th century, the continents of North and South Americas were not known to the old world. In fact, they were not discovered until the 15th century. A God that created the universe and has a birdseye view of the earth could have easily looked and seen this entire new undiscovered world. A God that supposedly was able to take Mohammed on a night's journey (الإسراء والمعراج) all the way to Jerusalem and then to the heavens, could have easily taken Mohammed on a night's journey to see these beautiful and extremely rich undiscovered lands, and could have easily given his beloved Mohammed an opportunity to give Muslims a "true" advantage over the rest of humanity. These are not rhetorical questions only but they are relevant, revealing and very important.

When Muslim scientists and other highly educated Muslims support and give credibility to the notion that there is science in the Quran they play a leading role in propagating ignorance and brainwashing fresh innocent minds. Muslim men enjoy their God-sanctioned role as chauvinists and superior to women. This is understandable, and could possibly be one of the self-serving reasons many Muslim men support Islam. Muslim women on the other hand are at the bottom of the pyramid. They suffer from all the sexism that women of the world suffer from, and they are also in eternal subjugation in a religion that leaves them no breathing room. It is our birthright to stand up tall with our heads up high. We owe nobody an apology for our being; not to a state and not to a religion and not to any other human being.

Ziyad B.

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