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To The Singing Bird

Salam to all

In your letter (268) you trying to pick a mistake on some one! Maybe you are after the prophet himself (peace be upon him)!!? or you could be trying to abuse the Sahabah?! What is it exactly you trying to get out of that God knows??

Anyway as it was in your letter you said how coud the Prophet (peace be upon him) {well you did not say PEACE BE UPON HIM I am saying that just to let you know} anyway the Hadeeth was when the prophet (peace be upon him) said: DO NOT SWEAR AT MY COMPANIONS, saying that to the same people which his companions??

I do not also need to remind you of your pointless example because your simple human mind let you down again as usual, and it could not provide you with the right understanding because the prothet (peace be upon him) was not speaking only to the Sahabah, he was speaking to and teaching the entire islamic nation at that time and he was also speaking to us and next generations telling them about how to respect the Sahabah.

For someone like you who do not even respect the prothet himself and do not say peace be upon him! do you think that you pay respect to his companions who spread Islam round the world and if it was not for them you could be worshiping something else maybe an animal, a tree or whatever.

When you read Islamic books try to use the right interpretation to get the most out of that book and to learn something to help yourself and others, as well as if you are a confused muslim having problems with some issues you still can ask for help or advice rather than getting involved in something you do not know enought about. But if you are doing this for the fun of it remember that dark grave when you are alone with what you did in this life, at that point of time even a single word you said, you will be judged for it!? In that small dark hall! that dark grave will squeez your body to break your skelton and then Jahanam will be waiting for a new visitor where you never die again just suffering from the fire and when your body can not take anymore punishment Allah will give a new budy and new skin to suffer again and then an other one.... And that will keep going forever.

May Allah give you the ability to feel what is in this letter and to guide you to the Straight Path before it's too late. Ameen

R. Brydan

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