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Bullying the Danes :
The Ugly Face of Fanaticism

Recently, a Danish newspaper published a cartoon, in which a character called ‘Mehmet’ is wearing a suicide bomber’s turban. As expected, the Saudi ambassador in Copenhagen, a confirmed Wahabi zealot, made a lot of noise about this small event.

Apart from the contradictory position of the Wahabis who glorify suicide bombing in their poetry but feel insulted by it even in humorous cartoons, there is no surprise there.

The Wahabis are horrible fanatics and almost always react and behave in exactly the same manner as the Soviet Communists used to react and behave during the Cold War.

The big surprise here is the ridiculous protestation of the Arab League. This worthless club has tried very hard lately to portray itself as a bastion of reform in the Arab world. Yet its bureaucrats have no qualm about using their empty heads to ram a cartoon artist in Scandinavia. The fact of the matter is this Arab League is a league of tyrants not democrats, and is a force of darkness not enlightenment, and will remain so until the dictators who form it are thrown into the dustbin of history.

One of those dictators of the Arab League is Colonel Qadhafi. This infamous tyrant is now by default the patriarch of the Arab rulers. He frequently treats politics as a matter of auction and always tries to be the one who pays the highest price.

In the old days, wacky Qadhafi used to play against Saddam Hussein in the auction of Pan-Arabism. Nowadays, he competes with the Saudis in the auction of Pan-Islamism. And so when the Saudis called their ambassador, Qadhafi, without warning, closed his embassy in the Danish capital. Auction business at its worst!

It’s ironic that a pariah ruler, who not long time ago was begging to host any foreign diplomat in Tripoli, has now the guts to close down his embassy in one of the most idealistic and delightful countries in the world.

Now it’s absolutely true, as pointed out in this article (, that neither Qadhafi nor the Saudis nor the Arab League would have dared to complain, if the cartoons in question were published in an Anglo-Saxon newspaper. But we must not forget that the Arabian dictators, though ruthless, are not shameless. They know a horrendous crime was committed by a gang of Arabs on 9/11/2001.And whether they like it or not, the Arabs collectively are morally responsible and must show feelings of guilt and remorse for it. Under such circumstances, a protest against similar trivia in an Anglo-Saxon newspaper would be the ultimate insult to the souls of all those innocent people who died on that September morning.

However, by venting their anger on Scandinavia, the Arab rulers are committing colossal misjudgment. Scandinavia may appear idealistic and harmless and docile, but its illustrious Viking spirit is simmering just below the surface.

Notwithstanding its small size and relative isolation, the cultural impact of Scandinavia on Western Europe and White nations in general is immense. As a matter of fact, the modern people of Scandinavia are the exact replica of the blue-bloodied royals who ruled Europe for more than one thousand years. And so it goes without saying, when the kings speak, their subjects listen. For this reason, one can foresee with certainty that if Scandinavia drops aside its idealism and starts to go Viking, then the net results of that move will be disastrous not only for the miserable Arab migrants in Europe but also for the obnoxious tyrants in the Arab world as well. After all, European idealism is the only thing that stands between Europe and the re-colonization of the neighboring Arab world.

It’s appropriate at this point to discuss very briefly the long-standing hypersensitivity of Arab governments towards criticizing the dominant religion in their countries. For the last sixty years or so since independence, these governments have censored ruthlessly any form of criticizing religion in the Arab world. Not only that, but also more recently oil-rich governments like those of Libya and Saudi Arabia are trying shamelessly to censor and incite violence against foreign critics without any regard to International law or sovereignty issues.

In its broad aspects, this abnormal hypersensitivity of the Arab states towards criticizing Islam is very similar to the hypersensitivity towards criticizing Communism in the old Soviet Union. Based on this similarity, one may conclude on the face of it that Islam is ideologically weak and unable to withstand sustained criticism. But we should remember that religions of all kinds are inherently resilient and highly unlikely to collapse under criticism. No religion in the world has been subjected to sustained criticism for centuries at end more than Christianity. Yet Christianity today is as alive and strong as ever. Far from destroying it that sustained criticism has actually helped mainstream Christianity to develop considerably and to reach moral heights unsurpassed in religion history.

So the immediate collapse of Islam under the impact of freewheeling criticism is certainly an illusion. Nonetheless, the practice of obscurantism and censorship by dictatorial governments over the years has done great harm both politically and ethically throughout the Arab world. In addition to the utter moral degradation of bands of fanatics, that foolish policy of self-imposed darkness has thrown the majority of the population into the grip of false visions. Hamas’ recent parliamentary victory is a stark example. And by very simple induction, the situation is the same everywhere in the Arab world. In brief, lack of criticism leads to lack of enlightenment. And lack of enlightenment leads to false visions. It’s clear and simple.

However, no one should conclude from this unhealthy political aspiration of the Arab masses that the Arab tyrants must stay in power or that democracy in the region has no future at all. To the contrary, the future of democracy in that part of the world has never been brighter. That is because due to the malignancy of their platforms, such political parties, if they cling to power, have only two options to die. Either they die the Nazi way among the ruins of war. Or they die the Soviet way among the ruins of their domestic failure. Either way, the misguided majority will in due time be disillusioned and cured of its misplaced dreams. Therefore, sooner or later democracy shall prevail.

Ali Bin Typhoon

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