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The Atheist And His Trivial Mind

Who is Islam for? It is not only for Muslims, it is for all people. People who want it, people who need it. Those who do not, simply do not have to be Muslims.

In the Qu'ran, Surat Al Baqarah Verse 256, Allah says: "There is no compulsion in religion, the truth stands clear from err". The definition of Islam is to peacefully submit to this truth. Clearly in this verse, it is a choice. It is so clear that I wonder how Muslims and non-Muslims alike can ignore it so easily.

The logic of Islam is there for all to see. Yes, sometimes a non-Muslim can see it more clearly than a Muslim, but will not submit for one reason or another. I have yet to find the reluctance to accept truth as a result of some major flaw in Islam, but rather it is always something trivial that convinces the atheist that Islam is not true.

For one thing, there is always the excuse that Muslims are imperfect. I suppose there are perfect human beings out there? There is then the case that Muslims normatively subscribe to illogical interpretations of Islam. Again, this is no fault of Islam, but rather it is the fault of the Muslim. The Muslim is human, like all others, not impeccable.

Then there is the common God arguments. God didn't do this, God didn't do that. Let us briefly look at some Islamic logic, and respond to some popular claims.

Claim 1. God does not exist because people suffer.

Response: Let us look at what would happen if God prevent all kinds of suffering. If nobody suffered, life as we know it would not only be paradise, but it would be stagnant. People would not have to work, nor would they have to show the courtesies that Islam and other religions encourage. I.e. Since no one would suffer from hunger, no one would need to make sacrifices to feed anyone, not even themselves.

Thus there would be no need to do anything. But we exist for a purpose, and in Islam, that purpose is to worship God. Among the tasks of worshipping God are included the duty of the Muslim to subdue suffering wherever he/she can.

Claim 2. There is no proof that God exists.

Response: Here we have the case of 'objective science'. We cannot 'test' this hypothesis, therefore it cannot be true. It is a logical fallacy. At one time, men did not know that protons, neutrons, or electrons existed. During this time, was it true to say that protons, neutrons, and electrons do not exist because there is no proof of them?

To 'Eslim' is to peacefully submit. God challenges men to produce a single verse as that in the Qu'ran. Grammatically, the Qu'ran is perfect; no fetha or kasra is out of place. In addition to this, the logic of Islam (the religion, not Muslims the people) is impeccable. There is only one way to confirm or to discount this; a full examination of Islamic logic, A to Z.

Claim 3. There is no point in being a Muslim. I am good, God will know this and let me through his gates--if he exists.

This is where the definition of the word Muslim is most important. No one with even an atom of arrogance will be permitted to enter paradise. If you know better, and consciously decide not to 'peacefully submit', than you are stubbornly arrogant. This is by no means a noble trait, especially when directing your arrogance at God.

Finally, given that this letter is designated for a politically-loaded Libyan news website, consider the following traits of the good Muslim. The good Muslim is one who constantly seeks to gain knowledge. The good Muslim is someone who is kind and courteous. The good Muslim is generous and forgiving. The good Muslim is one who stands against oppression and does not oppress. Are these qualities not ideal for Libyan citizens? Does it hurt the atheist so much that Muslims do not share his viewpoint, that he would employ all means to convince them to give up their beliefs, rather than to encourage them to be as good Muslims as they possibly can be, for a common cause? For this reason, I opened this account by stating that the Muslim practices Islam for himself. For this reason, this article is entitled The Atheist and his Trivial Mind.

A. A. Omar

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