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Dr Septimous' Shameless List

Dear Dr. Septimous,

You wrote about the Libyan doctors meeting in Tripoli last summer. Like you, I differ with a lot of what the organising group have said and done before, during and after the meeting. I however, beg to differ, and question your right to place anybody on any list. To your information, a number of those who attended this meeting stuck their necks out and said what they thought of the state of the health service in Libya, and some did this at a great risk to themselves from the regime.

Your right to differ is a legitimate right that nobody should quarrel with, and I will defend your right to express your views to the end. What you can not do, though, is pass judgements on fellow professionals. You called them all sorts of names and made so many allegations that are made essentially on conjecture. My name is not on “your“ list by the way, but that is beside the point!

Ghaddafi is a tyrant, and believe you me, many among those who attended the meeting in Tripoli will probably claim to have a better understanding of the nature of the regime than you do, but they differ from you in their approach. Why be a dictator yourself, passing judgements on people on no basis?
And are you telling me that the medics who did not attend out of the 5000 medics abroad (and this figure is disputed!) are in any way, shape, or form better involved in opposing the Gaddafi regime or in bettering the health service in Libya? I tell you now that for the most part they did not attend out of apathy, inertia and out of being too busy bettering their own selves as opposed to seriously caring about what goes on in Libya. They simply can not be bothered!

We should all have a good, hard long look at ourselves and question; What do we know about the struggle against Gaddafi?
What do we know about change and the mechanics of change?
What do we know about national struggle to rid the country of this tyrant?
I do not we have even started yet!

You wanted the names of all those who attended the doctors meeting in Tripoli to be put in a "list of shame", and where do you stop? Who next?
May be the baker down the road some where in Tripoli because he keeps people fed so there is now rioting on the streets?

I suggest you, and many others like you, get off your back side and start to do some thing and make a change, instead of snipping from the side lines.

No Body, capital B, has a monopoly on the national struggle to get rid of Gaddafi.
No Body, capital B again, can claim to have all the answers to Libya's ordeal with Gaddafi today.

You may have lived, and many like you, in the west for a long time, but you do not seem to have learned what respecting differing views is and what working with people even if you do not fully agree with what they have to say. I suggest you spend your time in the west in better learning how to live and work with opposing views.


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