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A Brilliant Idea !!!

If you are a camper or have experienced boiling tea or cooking embuk-buka in the outdoors at your favorite country side where you hand-picked the twigs and sticks to fuel the needed fire, you would have quickly realized the challenge is not in igniting the spark to start the fire but its in gathering the wood. You likely had to walk the hills, you might have to climb some rocks, endured scratches and slivers, and if you were not prepared with some tools (like fass, Qadooma or baldda) you would have to break and twist anything insight that resembles wood or you thought is burnable, you load yourself mostly with rrthem ou she’al if you were lucky, then, to conserve lighter fluid and not waste matches, you have to assemble it in the shape of a teepee, and when ready, all you have to do is to strike a match and there you have it. Now, let’s say, every thing you need for the fire, including a well seasoned wood, is there, you did not have to trouble yourself gathering it or even putting it in place, but the choice of lighting the fire and when to start cooking is all left up to you...won’t you welcome and jump on that idea?!

Well, we all have heard the saying: “el-lee ya’Deek al-habal shen-gga beeh” -He who hands you the rope, use it to hang him- specially if you have a very good and undisputed reason and a burning desire to do just that, if I may add.

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Considering the timing and place, it’s simply a brilliant Idea! A chance may not surface again and an opportunity must be grabbed and must held-on tightly!


This is to say: All the ingredients needed are there for the masses to revolt; at minimum, they are there to boost and to encourage anyone who needs a tiny push.

A massive gathering, tens of thousands of oppressed people who know well the source of their misery, who came from all over Libya and KNOW can each go back to their hometowns with little lit-twigs to pass-on the flame, who some of them were forced and others were bribed and they all know it, are in his and his cronies’ presence, chance made in heaven and can do miracles...just wait and see...

It shouldn’t take more than little voice, it can be a whispery one that says enough is enough or down down with Qaddafi, a voice that soon gets magnified by the masses and can echo across the country in mater of little time.... the rest will indeed be history!

There can be that slick and gutsy “ezbee-yala”, I am sure, to ignite that little spark, bring about an avalanche that can’t be stopped. An avalanche that slides down the hill, sweeping Qaddafi and his hoodlums to the point of no possible return.

Some may say, it looks easy and very doable from afar, and I admit myself it does, but I am sure there is at least one person in that crowd will see it as a piece of cake. This person also knows and trusts that the next men elbow-ing him on both sides will certainly follow suit and so does the next man and the next one and so-on...before you know it, you find the guard and the security personal joining in.

It can, and with ease, be done!!! Let us feel good and earn it ourselves and not rely or wait for others!!!

Let’s be and stay ONE!!

Let’s do it...


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