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Save Fu'ad Al-Mansouri's Life

A sample letter that you can send to Canada's minister of immigration
and human rights organizations follows this letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am sure we have all been touched by the scene of Mr Al-Mansuri’s wife crying over her deceased baby and their impending deportation to the oppressive homeland of Libya where they both face yet another unknown fate.

My fellow Libyans we all know if this man is deported to Libya it is almost a certainty that his life and the integrity of his family will be in a grave danger. So I plead with all of you to write to the Canadian immigration and other human rights bodies to appeal the case of Mr Al-Mansuri.

I especially urge the Libyan brothers and sisters who live in Canada to ask their Moslems and non-Moslem friends to do the same. Please post this appeal at all the mosques, schools, colleges, clubs or wherever you think it may draw attention.

Please try, as you read this letter, to imagine that you were in this situation, or God forbid someone, you care about, was going through this horrible experience. Only if we act together will our voices be heard. We CAN make a difference. This does not cost you anything and it could mean saving the life of a human being, not to mention someone from the same beloved land you were born and raised in. Please act NOW.

Below is a sample letter that I put together which you can copy, and edit if you like, and email to the Minister of Immigration as well as to human rights and UNHCR agencies whose addresses are included below. Please feel free to send it to any other organizations you know of

Thank you and God bless you all.


--------------------------------- SAMPLE Letter starts HERE ---------------------------------

To: The Honorable Joe Volpe, P.C., M.P.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1


I am writing to express my strongest concern over the fate of Mr Fuad Al-Mansuri who is being placed under a deportation order. Mr Al-Mansuri is a political opponent who has peacefully opposed the unjust policies of the authoritarian Libyan regime. Should Mr Al-Mansuri be deported to Libya, he will undoubtedly face the risk of torture and even execution at the hands of the brutal security apparatus of the Gadhaffi government. Indeed this is exactly what happened to many other opponents who have been tortured and even killed upon their return to Libya.

In fact as recent as the year 2002, a Libya Canadian by the name of Mustafa Mohammed Krer, who had opposed the Libyan regime in the past, was kidnapped and transported to Libya and his whereabouts remain unknown until this date. Many others such as Mr Mansoor Al-Kikhia, once a Libyan human rights activist, is believed to have been kidnapped and killed by the Libyan authorities for no reason other than his rejection of the suppression of human rights by the Libyan government.

I urge the Canadian immigration authorities to release Mr Al-Mansuri at once and to reverse his deportation order. I also urge the UNHCR and the Canadian Immigration ministry to grant him the right for a refugee status.

I trust that you will consider my plea and take immediate action to prevent a tragedy from occurring and to save the life of a peaceful and innocent family from being shattered. I call upon your compassion to look into this matter at your earliest.

Thank You.


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CC: Canadian Human Rights Commision Email:

CC: UNHCR Branch Office for CANADA Email:

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