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Characteristics Of A Libyan Society

As a Libyan American, born and raised in the US, but who has many ties with Libya, I feel that I am obliged to go over a few points about Libyans. When I think of the horrible conditions that Libya is facing nowadays, I cannot help but believe that the Libyan people are responsible. Allah is The Just and does not oppress His servants. I'll briefly go over some Libyan characteristics and I challenge anyone to disagree. Please note I am not classifying ALL Libyans here, but am pointing out some prevalent characteristics in Libyan society. There are many noble Libyans, but Allah looks at a society as a whole:

Libyan society is a very jealous society "شعب نقصي ديمه ضاربهم النقص". If a friend or acquaintance has been blessed with something, others feel envy (حسد) towards him/her instead of being genuinely happy for him/her. Though it's customary for them to say "MashaAllah", one usually senses a huge deal of sarcasm in it, maybe by them adding a "اسم الله عليه" We find this on a much larger scale when it comes to Libyan women. Jealousy issues when it comes to friends' marriages sometimes reaches the point of magic and witchcraft to spoil marital relationships.

Libyan society has condoned relationships outside of marriage. If anyone does not believe this, please pay a visit to Gaaryounis University in Benghazi and take a walk through this "brilliant" academic institution to hear the stories of young Libyan men and women's escapades in the restrooms and courtyards of the university. There's no need to elaborate on details of what goes on at Libyan universities but it is not far off from any western university. This is not limited to Benghazi, I am sure that my brothers from other parts of Libya will agree that this epidemic is widespread. You may want to also ask about the house visits paid to Libyan girls (in many instances married Libyan women) by single and sometimes married Libyan men while her family are either at work or not home. Again, no need to elaborate on what goes on in these visits. If you are still interested, you can also pay a visit to the many farms in Libya (مزرعة) to see what happens there when Libyan girls, whose parents think they are at school, are instead enjoying a nice afternoon with their Libyan "boyfriends". already know. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a house in Libya with girls and a phone, that do not have after hours phone calls from Libyan boyfriends talking about God knows what all night long.

Libyans have always been backbiting, two faced people. Libyans will smile in your face, and once you leave the room, you are put on what is called the "قرمة" which is what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) vehemently warned us about. Libyans are actually well known for this attribute so much that if a Libyan does not partake in the "gurma" then he is considered دم ثقيل If you are among those very few who wish to advise people not to partake in this act, then you are told that they do not mean anything by the "gurma" and that "امغير انبصروا" and why are you so uptight? Once you leave the room ofcourse, you quickly become the replacement of your predecessor on the "gurma".

Libyans have always been the first to spy on each other and turn each other in. If you do not believe this, pay a visit to any Libyan jail and see the prisoners of conscience that were spied on and turned in by their fellow Libyan citizens usually for just reasons (praying 5 times in the masjid, saying something truthful angainst an oppressive regime, etc.) or sometimes they are there due to lies of their Libyan "brethren" so that they can get some sort of monetary or social benefit from Mukharrab (فرعون) and his goons. This has been a historic issue dating back to the war against the Italians, so this might be a hard one to get rid of. A symptom of this can be seen at the government rallies where you see thousands of Libyans chanting "Fateh, Fateh", and once they go home, nothing can be heard but "الله يلعن معمر و بو معمر" Actually, now they are getting paid to this from what I hear (150 Dinars, if that, probably much less) Well at least now they're paid hypocrites, right?

Libyans are arrogant usually with nothing to back up their arrogance. You will find them having a racial slur for every nationality, eg. Egyptians-فوالة, Sudanese-عبيد, etc. As if they are شعب الله المختار, Libyans sense a great deal of pride that they are Libyans, and use it as an excuse for among other things, laziness. You will find young Libyan men waiting around at home unemployed because they refuse to work jobs that are not fitting their elevated social status of "Libyan" rather leaving the jobs to "lower" classes such as the Egyptians or Sudanese. Not ony this, they are always the first to blame others for their misfortunes. I know that the government is oppressive, but the government didn't tell them to sit at home. Why are the Africans working in Libya? Would Libyans be refused if they applied for the same jobs? I am not saying that these are great career moves, but something is better than nothing. Those few that do work, are participants in the "sign and leave" program where they come to work in the morning, sign their names as if they will work the whole day, and go home and go to sleep until 5 pm, after which they stay up all night playing cards or playing video games while ofocurse with a constant dose of "gurma" until fajr. Those that don't work, go to sleep right when they hear the athan for fajr as if it is a call for sleep not prayer. Sometimes those that are in the "sign and leave" program, get someone else to sign for them since they might have had a long night of cards playing and to drive all the way to work in the morning and sign their names is too much of a hassle.

The list goes on and on and on...... but I have neither the patience or the time to finish the list. Let an Egyptian do it. I'm a "Libyan", I have better things to do.

Libyerican 50/50

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