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Reply To Tabeeb Libi

Some of the stuff one reads on Libyan pages never fails to amaze me. One can resist so long to respond to some of the writings but some times you just can not help it. There is clearly a counter from beneficiaries of the Libyan regime “establishment” who has taken up the duty of defending the indefensible. The latest, and I am sure will not be the last is a master piece by Tabeeb Libi.

I do not know for certain who this Tabeeb is; although I have a narrow short list of would be revolutionaries.

You were right Mr Tabeeb some of the stuff you were countering was political, and it is indeed our problem with you lot that you have politicised and polluted Libyan life ever since your master came to power.

You say you are not from the revolutionary committees (RCs), I guess I will have to take your word for it, but I will have to say also that for you, a Tabeeb, to say what you have said in your master piece, you are either blind, beneficiary or stupid. Take your pick!

Your are clearly oblivious to the state of the health service in Libya and the suffering of the Libyan patients over thirty years after your brilliant leader came to power. If you tell me that the health service in Libya is any thing other than shambles, then you are just a ..., well just take your pick from the above.

Do not tell me also that Libyan patients like to travel to the four corners of the earth for the heck of it! Mr Tabeeb, they go abroad looking for answers for their medical problems, answers your leader’s health service could not provide and yet a non-oil exporting countries like Tunisia and Jordan can.

Zaidi, one of the best plastic surgeons in the Arab world! His period as the health secretary one of the best ....

The Libyan board of medical specialities... training more than 4000 medic!!

Hetawesh, a pioneer!! Introduced endoscopic surgery to hospitals from Sabha to Zawia etc...

Manages renal transplant programme in Tripoli ...

15 thousand students in medical school ...

health service non-existing during the pre- 1969 coup ...etc. etc. etc.

If these masters and some more you have mentioned are so magnificent in what they cast their eye on, can you please answer me one question; how come the health service is the shambles that it is?

I will leave you with one take home message, Mr. Tabeeb; before Libya can move one step forward, the politicisation of executive positions will have to cease, forthwith.


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