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1951 CONSTITUTION: A Nostrum of Humpty-Dumpty!
( In Response To Mr. Ghoma )

Dear Mr Ghoma;
I've been avoiding reading your stuff, though your pen-name sound very Libyan, not only because of language difficulty but also Libyan problems, born in Arabic, should be discussed in Arabic, even better Libyan dialect, like many others do. I'm sure that less than 10% of common readers do benefit from your good articles, the way you wrote const. '51. Concerning the subject, you did offer the best information at least for the common reader who has been swayed back and forth between reactionary royalists and ultra-demagogic revolutionists. But a few words should be mentioned here:-
The Sanosi Order was created in 1830 in Algeria by G. Britain to fight the newly arrived French Occupiers under the clandestine cover of Islamic Brotherhood. Soon he was discovered and expelled along with his followers to neighboring Tunisia where they were picked by British agents to be redeployed in Arabia (Kingdom of Hijaz) where Britain was planning for some political influence while another British agent, Mohamed Abdel Wahhab in cooperation with Prince Mohamed Ben Saud in Najd was in full gear. Among those taken by Mr. Sanosi was a Moroccan slave named Ahmed Shelhi, father of Ibrahim Shelhi who served late King Idris as a servant and a top adviser till his assassination by another Sanosi in 1954. This Ibrahim Shelhi, who was a charlatan, along with his offspring, boys and girls, brought disaster to the king and his kingdom in 1969. As soon as the Wahhabi Order made deep roots in eastern Arabia with the help of the Saudi Clan, the Sanosi order was moved to another promising area, eastern Libya, namely Cyranaica where they were organized and financed by the British to fight the French in Sub-Saharan Africa. Later, on British orders, they fought the Italians who were German allies, then cooperated with them when the Italians sided with the British against Germany and Austria. Upon this occasion Ahmed Sherif who fought the French and the Italians, now both British allies, was exiled to Turkey while Idris was given the title of prince by the Italians and appointed governor of the territories beyond the Italian rule to bribe the Libyan Mojahedeen and secure their surrender to the Italians. He was given a high salary, one thousand body-guards, a local administration in Ejdabia fully financed by the Italians and finally a state visit to Rome sponsored by the late king of Italy, Emmanuelle Terso. After fulfilling his job, he was sent to Egypt to pacify those Libyans in exile in favor of Italy till 20th June 1940 when Mussolini declared war against Britain and France when Prince Idris was chosen by the British to recruit Libyans both in exile and captivity to fight for the British not for Libya, a matter which Cyranicans accepted while Tripolitanians sternly refused. Upon the end of WWII and the defeat of Axis Powers, Libya became a British mandate to be given independence later, 24th Dec. 1951, under the auspices of the United Nations which is the nick-name of the United States. American Interests have known, for long time, the existence of huge oil reserves under the golden sands of Libyan Desert through their secret activities during both the Italian and the British occupation, they delayed its exploration and exploitation to the right time, time when America inherits the entire world from its old masters, the Europeans and the Japanese.

M. Shebani

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