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The Libyans Deserve Their Suffering

Dear Readers;

You might find the content of my message unacceptable and revolting but it's the reality and we have to accept it.
I managed to leave libya and find a job in Europe about 10 years ago, giving in to my parents wishes - who were fearing theirs and their children safety - I never got involved in any activities against the libyan regime which meant I can return home for a visit every now and then but I wished I didn't listen to my parents and that is not because I'm big opposer to the dictator or his regime and looking forward to see him dangled one day nor because i'm big advocate of human rights and democracy.....etc, actually I wished I didn't listen to my parents and was involved in any activities against Ghadafi just because it'll forbid me from going back home even for few days visit.
You would ask WHY? I'll tell you why, because 99% of LIBYAN are cowerds hippocrate chancers including you and me who lives on the leftovers and rather live in a staple and live animal life than doing what is right and fight the just cause to freedom and liberty.
Please go and watch the Libyan Satellite Channel and you'll understand why we deserve our suffering, you'll see libyans of diferent ages, sex and colour licking the shoes of their ruthless masters for how much ..... just 150 Dinar, what a cheap price for their pride and dignity.
If you were unfortunate as me and was blessed by visit back home you'll see the real face of this dirty people they are ruthless liers with no mercy in their hearts or decency in their blood.
You'll be amazed to find how they justify stealing and decieving ... etc , you'll be surprized how morally empty they became, in a simple terms you can't trust your own relative because everyone there has no ethics or morals just selfishness and brutality.
I dare anyone of you to manage simple administerative procedre without a bribe or backdoor tricks, I dare you to drive in libyan roads without being harrassed or threatened, I dare you to go for a walk with your wife - even if ugly - without being teased and made felt inadequate before your own family.....I can endlessly dare you and I'll still win everyone of them.
Don't tell me Ghadafi has anything to do with all that, NO, it's us to blame, we hove no moral stands, no decency, no mercy, no fairness, no ...................etc it's a long list, and we deserve to be ruled by Ghadafi because it's GOD's punishment for all what we did and what we will and willing to do for few pennies or just to live as dogs.
For the fortunate libyan who lives abroad - outside libya - and was not blessed by a visit back home I advice you to stay where you are and keep that rosy images and dreams alive and don't kill them by going home because you'll regret it.

Libyan Immigrant

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