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Response To "Libyerican"

Dear 'Libyerican',

(Let me first assert that although this reply is tailored for Libyans, it is applicable to all.)

I am sure you know that you are not the first person to realize that problems exist with both Libyan society and the Libyan government. You may defend yourself by labelling yourself a 'realist', but I will argue that you are a cynic, and that letters like yours are pointless. To be frank, I will stick to my thesis in prior letters that Libyans who are not part of the solution are no different than those who ARE the problem.

First of all, it should come as no surprise to anyone on earth that problems of all types exist in this world. There could be no purpose in life for anyone if problems did not exist, for indeed we would be in paradise. If you want to live to die, or as Libyans say, 'living from a lack of death', whilst criticizing everything under the sun, then you might as well hang yourself now, because you will never run out of things to complain about. I simply cannot understand the logic of people such as yourself, who seem to believe that if they complain enough problems will be solved. For that matter, your rhetoric and those who post letters such as yours have an arrogant sense that they are solitary visionaries (like the 'brother-leader') who can see problems that no one else can, exeplified by this quote: "I'll briefly go over some Libyan characteristics and I challenge anyone to disagree."

I will concede one point from your entire letter: problems exist in Libya. In the problem-solving process, obviously identifying the problem is important. There is no indication in your letter that you want the problem to be solved, instead, you simply conclude, like others, that Libyans deserve what they get. At least you pointed out that not all Libyans, but most (although I would disagree with this, you and others blow it completely out of proportion). Then what about those who do not bear those characteristics that your are complaining about? And what about those who are trying to make a difference for Libya and the world? Your letter is an insult to them. I will take up your role momentarily to point out another category of Libyans, who are the majority: the ones who see problems and do not care to solve them. They want to escape Libya and complain. Obviously, if this is the condition of the Libyan people, then it will be very hard to progress.

Consequently I urge you and all other Libyans to stop wasting your time telling us what we already know. If you want to run away from your problems, you put yourself and everyone else further away from a solution, so that you are hardly different from those that instigate problems. Do something. What should you do? First get past all the garbage generalizations and pick up a book about deen or development or reform. Develop some ideas and contribute something, or at least bandwagon with those who have developed ideas and plans towards improving Libya. Or are you waiting for a Sudani or an Egyptian to do it for you?

Eid Mubarak

A. A. Omar - (aka Libyan Student)

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