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Hakim, Wersheffani And Other Things

These are just some shattered thoughts from a casual reader who felt some compulsion to comment about some recent articles in this web site so do not waste your time reading it if time is very precious for you.

I want to braise both Mr. Hakim and Mr. Wersheffani for raising there level of discussion. Mr. Hakim refrained from his sarcastic tone and focused on the issue and Mr. Wersheffani finally used his knowledge instead of personal attacks.

The way I see the point of Mr. Hakim is this:
He is challenging the credibility of the prophet and doing so challenging the whole message. His point is made so clear in the last article. His point goes like that: the prophet made some actions that by today's standards are considered wrong. If his message was meant to be eternal then he should have known better. His actions could be considered right for the most part within the context of that time period. I think that his point is very valid.

Mr. Hakim made another interesting debate point known along time ago. If you use scientific facts you can never prove that the message of Islam came from god. That applies to any other religion. So it is not fair to try to discredit other religions because you can not prove they came from a superior power because the same method will challenge Islam.

Here, I making my personal thoughts about Islam. This not based on research but simply on some deep thinking. I might be right and I might be wrong. May be I can stimulate the contributions of some other people.
1- Religion is based on faith and not on facts. You can not prove it or disprove it because you have to be outside the limitations of this world to see the superpower that controls the world because this superpower (God) is outside the limitations of this world.
2- The prophet was a very wise man who cared about improving the status of his people. He was a very credible person to his people. He realized the need for a unifying model of perceiving this and living in this world. He also was realized the advantage that the Jews have, considering any none Jewish a lower creature. He used the same tactics that the Jews used and that worked very well for his people. Now Muslims are no more, lower than Jews. That for of course did not fare well for them.
3- Whether the prophet really believed that he received a message from god or not is not very relevant in my opinion. However, I do believe that most of his decisions were based on his own judgment for what he believed was right for his people.
4- I think approaching Islam this way would explain many things. Slavery was ok at that time but it is morally incorrect now. Jawari was accepted at that time but again nobody could even consider it in his dreams as morally correct.

Do I think that the prophet a bad person. No way. I think that he is one of the wisest, honest, influential human beings. I do think though that he made mistakes and also made decisions that sound wrong to us now but they were not at that time and may be sound right for people in the future.(Finish of the thought about Islam)

I could not stop myself from laughing at some of the responses to Mr. Hakim. One of them in particular used a long rhyming sentences attacking Mr. Hakim. I could not stop myself picturing him with angry red face vomiting his words as saliva drolls from the corner of his mouth.(this is a personal attack on a person but as I said early this is a casual response not a serious one)

Finally I would really want to praise Mr. Ghnewa for his vision and courage. Also I am really proud that we Libyans are striving to be better for ourselves and others. We don't have all people to be wise and thoughtful. But people like Hakim, Wersheffani (the new knowledgeable Wersheffani) and others are what we need to decide the way we want our country to be. I consider Mr. Ghnewa's page as the laboratory to throw some stimulating ideas that would make people use their brains that has been loooooong looooooooong silenced (long before Ghaddafi).

Mwatin Libi

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