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L.L. In Scotland; What A Contrasting Story?!...

After I finished reading the story about the young Libyan lady who, with the help of her small community in Scotland, received the money she needed in offsetting the cost of her eye(s) operation, I couldn't help it but halt for a moment and reflect on the two contrasting parts of the story. Please visit and read it at:

In the first part; the goodness of the hosting community to this young lady can be seen in how they quickly and collectively pulled themselves together to offer their help. They likely went knocking door to door. Children of all ages must have washed cars while enduring the rigid winter of Scotland. They may have reached for businesses, shopkeepers and homeowners. They likely got the boy scouts and girl scouts dressed in their uniforms and walked the streets asking for pennies and whatever pedestrians can offer. They set their goal and worked at once to achieve it and they did. This goodness obligated this small community to help in ensuring their guest would return to her native home seeing. That, my friends, leaves you with an uplifting feeling; a feeling that keeps positive hope in you in a world that, at times, shows otherwise. I am happy for the young lady and very thankful and very grateful to the community of Falkirk, Scotland... I applaud their goodness!

Now to the second; the not-so-uplifting, part of this story: The news clip, as you read, also tells us that, the husband is 45 years old, the wife is only 25 years of age and the children are 11, 9, 4 and 3 years old. Shuffling these numbers, one can conclude that the wife got married to this old geezer (34 at the time) at the age of 13 don't forget the 9 months of pregnancy, assuming she got pregnant soon after the wedding there might be a possibility she got married as young as 12. Do think about it my friends!
12-13 year old, little girl got molested by nearly 3 times her age, while the rest of the zombies around her ate, drank, sang and celebrated the "wedding" some 11+ years ago. Of you, who have little girls that age today, like myself, please spend some time and reflect on this.
The blame rests squarely on the featherless peacocks and hens or, maybe on a culture and/or whatever shapes it, who slammed this young child with responsibilities much too big and much too early for her. Responsibilities included but not limited to: caring for newborn baby, 2 babies and wasn't 16 yet, demanding house shores and, the importance of catering to a man who thinks only with his lower half!


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