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A Mother's Letter to Her Imprisoned Son

This is an English translation of the letter posted on ( on January 22nd, 2005 by a Libyan mother whose son has been recently arrested by the fascist regime in Libya.

Salah Mogherbi


My son Abdelraziq, wherever you are, I wish you are well every year. This is the first time for years that the Eid holiday arrives and you are not with us. Son, I would like to assure you that everybody is fine and supports your stand. They believe that what defines a man is his stand for his beliefs, and that the emergence of people like you who sacrifice themselves for their beliefs is inevitable. Son, since you were a child, I have taught you the meaning of patriotism, and to be honest in your allegiance to this beloved homeland and truthful in your stands. God help you in this regard (God bless all your endeavors). And my blessings are granted to you, Godís willing.

My son Abdelraziq, I want to reiterate to you what you have already heard from me and your father Al Hajj Abdelwanees Al Mansouri, Godís willing. You know that your grandfather Abdelraziq Al Mansouri died inside the abominable Al Braiga concentration camp during the Italian occupation of Libya, and that your grandfather Ashour Al Mansouri (my father) also died in one of the Italian prisons in the city of Derna during the Italian occupation.

Your late father, God bless his sole, Al Hajj Abdelwanees Al Mansouri was released alive from Al Braiga concentration camp, although without a mother or father (an orphan) to help him face the hardships of life. And despite his young age, he paved his own path on life and became a patriot and member of the Omar Al Mukhtar Association in Derna, which contributed to the struggle for Libya independence. Your father had an eternal love for his homeland, and he was fond of goodness, justice, peace, freedom, and equality. Your father had extended his hand to people who needed his help, so be assured that you will find good people from my country who would extend their honest and endearing hands to help you.

My son, after your disappearance I found out that I have many sons of this land who supported and stood next to me. Many either came to our house or phoned me, which shows the goodness of the Libyan people. I especially thank the Ashour Nasser Al Wirfali family for their courageous stand and support for my family. And my thanks to all those who contacted us from inside or outside Libya.

May God release you from your suffering soon. Peace on you and God bless you.

Your mother, Al Hajji Maqbula Ashour Al Mansouri

Tubriq, Libya, January 19th, 2005.

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