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Please Answer The Questions

Please somebody who knows and understand more about Islam than those who tried to answer hakim! answer his questions. Unfortunately I am not an expert in this matter and I wouldn't know where to start, I am sure somebody out there knows all the answers to his questions. So far the only one who answers a few of his questions is Abdelbagi mshut.

I'm not sure why everybody is angry because of these questions, I wold like to see somebody with knowledge to answer his questions with good manners and understand that there is some individuals out there that are lost and do not know the truth and they get mixed up because of what they read or listen to, and you can not argue with them you have to reason with them.

I do not know if Hakim debating Islam or trying to search for the truth but the fact of the matter is he is asking, he might be asking for help and all we do is call him names.

I do not understand why are we so defencive, we are believers why are we attacking him because he asked legitimate questions.

Or is it the stereo type that we hear all the time, that Muslims are so dramatic when they hear certain questions about their faith.

I do not blame Hakim for these questions, I do blame our education system back home where we never learned much about these controversial questions so we can satisfy our curiosity and answer those who ask these kind of questions, but we do not ask because these are the kind of reactions we get when we ask these kind of questions.

I am a Muslim and I consider my self a good Muslim, but unfortunately I do not know how to answer Hakim not because I am stupid or because I am not a good Muslim but because I did not learn about these things, and because no body ever ask these ques tins when I am around.
Any way its good to ask questions especially on this sight, so everybody can learn.

Any way Hakim if you are asking questions because you are curios and searching for the truth, I am sure somebody can give you the answers but if you are debating Islam then you are in the wrong place.

Thank you.

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