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The Dog, The Pig And The Monkey

I think that what Mr Hakim has mentioned in his essay is absolutely right, we need more enlightened people like him to clarify the misconceptions and myths surrounding our religion. Let us be frank, not hypocritical, as we Muslims used to be, and see the truth as it is, without distortions, brainwashing, or just following what our parents and grandparents doing, without arguing or analyzing what they are doing, is it true, logical,or not.

Religion inherited from generation to generation, like an infected file transmitted from one computer to the next. We are now in the 21st century, we must get rid of the myths, and concentrate at the facts and science. We will not advance as long as we believe that the myth is the fact, given by the imagined or invented god. Stop brainwashing your kids on daily basis, you will produce another deluded generation,that will never advance, if it remains believing in the unexisted.

I am sad to see my people remain shackled in these irrational so called devine ideology. Wake up, or you will remain the mockery of the other advanced nations. If you cannot free your self from this cancerous delusion, give the chance to your children to do so. The advanced nations want us to remain in our delusion, so we dont advance like them, and competing with them. They are happy that we are still believing in a book written before 1400 years, which shows how rigid our view is. How can we liberate if we still believe in middleages ideology. It is really pitty and shame on us. It is the responsibility of the educated to guide the ignorant and the illeterate.

I hope that there will be more Hakims coming forward to remove the smog from our eyes. I was not astonished by the anger against him, because the word of truth is painful, as we say in our daily language. Wake up from your sleep and your delusion, other nations reached the moon, discovering the solar system, mars, making discoveries in medicine, physics, chemistry, genetics everyday, and we still believe in 1400 years corrupt ideology, used god or invented him to control people. Dog is loyal animal to man, the pig has huge benefits for the humans, because his tissues resemble that of man, so if transplanted to human there is less chance of rejecting the it, less autoimmunity. As we know that pig tissues and hormones are used in treating humans even in our deluded societies, for example the heart valves, the insulin for the diabetics. The monkey is the closest animal to humans, the same ancestry before millions of years, as the zoology scientists tell us. The humans are from the same family of monkies and guirellas, which are called the apes. By evolution through millions of years, the humans became as we are now, but it was gradual. As the loins cats tigers are from the same family. The dogs and wolves also have the same origin as it is in monkies and humans. There are animals transformed to others as an adaptation to the environment, that is what's called evolution.Evolution is more scientific and rational than the Adam and Eve story.


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