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Saleh Mansour ... My Turn. May I?

Greetings Saleh and All,

I have always known, unless I write in our tongue, my "deff-anQi" that gets published on here has very few readers and at times I wonder if anyone reads it at all. It turns out someone did and appreciated it as well. Well dear Saleh, in addition to throwing me into a loop of guilt for not writing more often, your efforts and time spent to translate some of the work and your kind words gave me great encouragement, a boost if you will, to do more...and I promise I will try. But first, please, lend me your ears: I must assure you ustad and adeeb are the last thing you want to use to call or label me. For, not only I am far from these titles but there are many deserving others of whom I admire and would be happy just to be in the same galaxy as they are; certainly, few of them often appear right here on this page. As to "mastering English", what I do with English, in my opinion, is what one does with cement mix and trowel (bagh-eli ou mel'qa) patching and smoothing the newly assembled brick wall but never done it before...yes, it gets done but roughness is very obvious and can't be missed.

With the acceptation of Fajria, the humble work I have sent to Dr. Ibrahim and in turn got published for you to see and read was born on this very page it's the pool of misery, hard times and lack of justice that hovers over my people with no end in sight, my friends. I read the news, bad and unfortunately seldom good, right here and get touched by it. My mind gets attached to the account, fires my imagination on what had happened and in-turn lures me to put my thoughts into my PC and click send... of them all, "Child of Benghazi in His Own Words" is the most scars-carving story I had ever written...for me that is. - It was triggered by the on-going news and discussion of HIV infected children in Benghazi at that time..

In the first article of your three part series, you had mentioned you were going to provide some critique to my work. I can assure you I will be very receptive and welcoming of all kind, be it positive or negative.... But while I am waiting, I decided to offer you my comments on the two translations as well as some thoughts on your own published work here on LN&V and elsewhere.

On the translation: Fajria is a personal experience. I thank you very much for taking the time to bring it to the Arabic readers, and since I am the concerned one who might argue or confirm its accuracy, I wish not to comment at this time. Interested readers who feel comfortable with the English language may go to: ...As to "Re: Dr. Ighneiwa's Kitchen" and since other individuals besides me were involved in the said imaginary story I thought I should provide my input on the translated version...I must admit dear Saleh, you took extra liberty to bring it as you understood it and/or it was affected by your own personal views. I never once mentioned there was a missing meal nor did I name the party I was conversing with by name. As to Luzan's tea, it was a name I used for one of my favorite writers on this site, Fawzi Al-orfia. You made it sound like I am offering him negative points, on the contrary, I enjoy his writings tremendously and unlike his shallow and name calling critics, I think he brings substance and valued material. He tells it as he sees it frankly, as I see it and feel it too...These simple words on the translation are not meant to discourage you from continuing to translate my or anyone's work, rather a correction of what I had in mind when I wrote it, and hopefully may serve as a learning experience for you to separate own comments and not integrate them into the original work.

I don't know anyone in person by the name of Saleh Mansour and it doesn't really mater much if the name is real or a handle like mine...and yes, through some of our work, you and I agreed on a lot of things but we seem to stand miles apart on others.

-Considering the mess our home is in; its safe to say the change is eminent and soon!! Qaddafi knows it well and so is everyone else. Qaddafi also knows he is wedged between a hammer and hard place, and because it has reached the live meet, as we say, he eats, drinks and sleeps just that. He must find and exhaust all means to cut his loses by either softening the hammer and/or the hard place. Qaddafi can't be that stupid not to start working at it at once.

I am a firm believer that the smoothest, most efficient, most peaceful and bloodless, fastest, easiest, name it as you wish, to coupe with this eminent change and to transition Libya into a better stage is for Qaddafi to sincerely initiate the change and give it all the blessings, he must be truthful with the people and has to execute it in a measurable manor not just in talk. Also he (Qaddafi) has to accept all or part of the responsibilities and be accountable for past mistakes and atrocities committed and bring overdue justice to victims inside the country as he did with others... But how can he when his past 35 years are full of wrong doings with no good credit to speak-of to sway the balance and help him? His record is impossible to wash away or be shoved under the carpet as long as outspoken opposition* -safe to say most Libyans- is keeping reminding him and the world of that. Qaddafi knows well that the Genie is within reach and likely controllable if, and only if, the "stray dogs" are kept quite and don't bring his past to the table, if were to be one...But they won't I sure won't! He has to realize it won't be possible to silence them all...big problem for him, won't you agree? So what is the solution for this predicament? Aha, discredit them! And who can do better job than the insiders of al-mo'radha?...I am afraid he successfully and with ease found recruits from within to soften the hammer... else, how would you explain the sudden emerging of "Opposition whackers" in recent months, namely yourself, Alkhoja, Shakeer, Al-mezz-o-ghi and few others? You all seem to be aware of things not to miss-stack your priorities, unless, of course, was deliberate!

Mr. Mansour, I can assure you, you won't see this part of the note had you and the others directed this obvious vengeance on individuals who committed mistakes and atrocities against Libya and Libyans ensuring not only Qaddafi is one of them but on top.

Your share of attempts to discredit the NFSL at this time is leading me to believe you have or are a part of other agendas.

I will be more than happy to carry the discussion further.

Peace and happy 'eid to all!

-(*) Opposition/Al-mu'aradha: Qaddafi's victims (nearly all of Libya), people who disagree with him, individuals and groups including NFSL are indeed synonymous! In fact, NFSL (often called almu'aradha) is more known to the average bo-em'earqa than anything else. Thus hammering on NFSL is to belittling the Libyan struggle against Qaddafi's tyranny.

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