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Pharmacists In Libya

Dear Libyans

Do you know most of the vital positions in Libya related to the pharmacy are hold unfortunately by non-qualified pharmacist. Most of them are Legan Toureia or relative to Gaddafi sons.

The pharmacist in Libya should be:

1.   Pharmacists shall hold the health and safety of the public to be of first consideration in the practice of the profession of pharmacy rendering to each patient the full measure of their ability as an essential health care practitioner.
2.   Pharmacists shall observe the law, particularly those affecting the practice; and conduct themselves in a manner that entitles them to the respect and confidence of the public.
3.   Pharmacists shall report to the proper authority without fear or favour, any unethical or illegal conduct which may be encountered within the profession.
4.   Pharmacists shall seek at all times only fair and reasonable remuneration for their services.
5.   Pharmacists shall never agree to, or participate in, transactions with practitioners of other health professions, or any other person under which fees are divided, or which may cause financial or other exploitation in connection with the rendering of their professional services (with the exception of percentage rent based on total sales generated).
6.   Pharmacists shall not agree to practice under terms or conditions which interfere with or impair the proper exercise of their professional judgement and skill, which cause a deterioration of the quality of their service or which require them to consent to unethical conduct.
7.   Pharmacists shall never knowingly condone the dispensing, promotion or distribution of drugs or medical devices, or assist therein, which are not of good quality, which do not meet standards required by law or which lack therapeutic value for the patient.

See you next time

Libyan Pharmacist

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