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Back To You Dr. Mohammed...

Hello Dr. Mohammed, all,

“It hurts me to describe our culture by (culture of the rear end)” you said. May I ask how did you extract that? You seem to read and write in the English language but understanding it might be another thing. Here is the source: I invite you to revisit it again and I ask you to please support your claim? Nevertheless, given you understood it the way you did; I must applaud your calmness and civility in how you brought it up. Thanks!

Well, it hurts me too to have our culture, or any culture for that matter, described as “culture of rear ends” especially by some one who claims to be a scholar!!! Sadly, you mis understood me! Actually, you completely missed the point I was trying to convey, in addition to that, you accused me of something I wasn’, I want to dictate what you should choose or do. Please check the article again... If you insist that’s how it seems to you then, I must have strayed away or failed to explicitly bring the core point of my article – civility! Civility to each other regardless of the views we carry.

As to “reworking Islam”: I do understand that religion(s) must be taken as a whole and not picking and choosing; you either accept it all in its entirety or you will compromise the strength of your belief. I so happen to be of the latter group. I questioned some things in my Islam and I wish I could be convinced that they are the right –measurably that is- practice, but I have yet to reach it. That are my views and I may suggest or voice them but will never push them on anyone. And to the injustice part of your answer: you sell it to a half naked Somali mother holding her fly-covered and dying child, she is to follow, while both of her hands pointing to the skies asking for small mercy -a piece of bread; no doubt, she will gladly trade for the lowest place of his blessed/fortunate ones. Many will say its God’s wisdom and it’s his way of testing us...I say, he needs to inject one more input to his test plan –fairness...and as to: (lakom denakom wa lya dean), its close to heart for me but clear contradiction to other calls; declaring it in the wrong places will cost me my life.

Regarding your scientific questions of what’s the probability of ....? I don’t know why some one with more qualifications than I quizzes me in his area of study. I don’t know the answer but if I were to give it my best before looking into it, I can give it the same answer one would give if he/she were asked: what is the probability of you talking across continents or to some one on the moon in real time some two centuries ago? He most certainly would have answered you...impossible. Now string theory is gaining momentum, scientists and mathematicians are bound to find out the origin of our universe, God’s hiding places –it may not be in my generation or yours but I am confident they will.

Back to the title of my piece: Since it was a quote, you should have noticed I put quotation marks whenever I use it... I am not the originator Dr. Mohammed -quite honestly; I am uncomfortable to even repeat it. The title clearly was presented as question and not as a statement and, the entry to the article was a quote from Dr. F.A.’s (Dr. Fathi Al-fadhli) article in which you seem you have not read. In hope to clarify and understand my point, I invite you to read it and see for yourself the trashy talk. The whole thing can be summed-up in the last paragraph of the same article...another thing to be noted is that of the incoherency. You will notice he invites “others” to bring what they have in mind to the discussion table but before he meets them and even before he sets the meeting time, he whacks them with all his might –as thought, what comes out of the “others” mouths has the same value to him as what rear-ends dedicated functions.

Another example of lack of civility by this highly educated individuals is that of Al-Werrshffani. This Muslim researcher, so he claims, found and concluded civil arguments are not good enough, name-calling is not good enough either... aha; the beheading is the sure cure to silence people who posses opposing views to his...Wow, that’s gutsy!! Does this researcher also possess the guts to share the same statement with his students and his employer wherever he is or is it, I wonder, ent’alem lehassana fi rooss lee tama? Dr. Mohamed, care to give us your take on that? ... Because of the law that governs all and because its respected and followed where both parties live; do you know our researcher, if convicted, will pay hefty price that may include jail time and if he is lucky he will be forced to retire his rear-end in the friendly hills of Al-Werrsheffan, that is if Hakeem were to pursue a legal action against him?

These kind of writers suggest to me that they make a perfect speech writers for Qaddafi, Saddam and the likes...big slogans, decorative words, never happened achievements and while both hands are waved in full fists, they shout we did this and we will do that, but when it comes to applying the measuring stick, you find nothing to measure. It reminds me of ezz-yaD al-wa-bbar; you hear the thunder but don’t count on smelling it.

I am happy for you, Dr. Mohammed, and wish you and rest of the Libyans to have more qualifications than I. I hope whatever you posses over me will enable you to see the much needed call to ask people to be more civil with each other -specially the doctors/researchers in us, and that is the point I am trying to make in last and in this article!


To: Qadri Alkhoja,
The handle I chose is Al-e’ryan not Al-e’rsan. I know we have different opinions of the Libyan regime and that of the NFSL, I also know you deliberately changed it once you found out you and I are not in the same valley. I hereby ask you kindly, you either correct the name or remove my translated work altogether from your questionable site, please!

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